With all due respect villagers.Which ministry would you prefer Dr. Matiangi to be heading? interior security,education ama transport?

Education pekee until all the rot is gone.


There is not enough of him to go around…

Dr. Matiangi should be the 3rd prime minister (Cabinet secretary) of kenya

I don’t understand why you see good in a man who

  • want’s shrinkage of employment (merging secondary and primary schools heads, temporary employment of lectures and university staffs instead of employment in permanent terms)

-shrinkage of business opportunities ( denying bookshops business opportunities)

  • condoning death of young harmless children by police.

  • dismissing/firing of that watchlady in Jomo Kenyatta airport because all she did was to search the CS…

  • Instructing Chinkororo to kill anyone who doesn’t like the government

  • removing the security details of raila and other NASA principles simply because they are in the opposition…

Seriously…this radicalist is just too much


The only thing denying you to say he should be the president is because si mkikuyu




El presidentè

Education, he is doing great work. interior needs someone from the security sector, the work there needs a specialist


I want him to stay in the education docket because the hyenas are salivating waiting for him to leave.
Si unakumbuka Michuki was almost taming matatu industry as minister for transport then Kibaki moved him out and the hyenas moved right back in.
When he is done revolutionising education in Kenya he will be knocking on heavens door which is basically the presidency of Kenya.

What does it take for people to realize that political nonsense spewed by NASA is akin to chicken droppings?


Hahaha…Would it help if I told you my father grew up in Nyamira just before ufike Keroka …hako ka kijihi

Naswa bile people will find fault in any progressive leader bila kukubali how their own ranks are full of chieth niggas who dont do shiit

Security ministry ni kama birth rite ya wamaasai.

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Since Saitoti days.

any bora asikam transi unaweza skia mat ibebe watu wanne na conda na dere wakue na master

Matiangi and Magoha wako Sawa kwa elimu

New cabinet inakua unveiled lini? Kuna mishenji ingine inaitwa wario that should be gone like yesterday


The way Matiangi is closing loopholes and avenues of corruption in the education ministry. Sioni akikaa.

He is stepping on too many connected toes.