@dr Luther - hemorrhoids treatment.

@Luther12 , what causes external hemorrhoids and how can they be treated? the pain is just unbearable when taking a dump na pia seating down is so uncomfortable. saidia tafadhali.

Take regular baths, not showers, the type where you soak in hot water, soak for at least 30 minutes

avoid anal…


toa ujinga hapa! not everyone does what you do!


Pole bro, Following

Izza bana

Cause: mostly, straining at stool due to constipation or diarrhea, increased pressure due to sitting for long durations. Expectant women at higher risk.

Management will depend on presentation. This is one of those where you cannot avoid a visit to the hospital. A physical examination and history taking is necessary to determine course of treatment which may include surgery to repair the hemorrhoids.

Other management methods may include stool softeners, warm baths, over-the-counter medication, diet modification, exercise, etc.


thanks daktari! nimeambia bibi aangalie(very embarrassing) and they don’t look very bad so I’m opting for the over the counter medication. Can’t imagine visiting a doctor for examination, how do I even start?

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Ouch, pole boss

Niliskia mafuta ya bunduki husaidia, go to the nearest police station uombe kidogo upake



hii itabidi @introvert achore hiyo conversation na OCS!


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He…he nacheka peke yangu sasa watu kwa nyumba are wondering what’s wrong with me. This village is very creative and funny.


The ‘not-very-bad’ opinion, how professional is it? People come to hospital with more embarrassing conditions than this mblo. Nenda hosi. Hii maneno ya self-medication will mess you ukiona kama mchezo.

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@introvert during hiyo examination ya wife alikua amekaa aje

Hehehe… Thus will be funny.

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