Dr.Evans Kidero

Apart from Mombasa Governor-Ali Hassan Joho, Nairobi Governor-Dr. Evans Kidero is among the ODM governors that Raila cannot imagine losing…Not because he controls the country’s capital and high economic centre, but just because of his flamboyant, rich and smart nature.
Guys need to know from today that Kidero is a governor who controls a county whose revenue collection per year supersedes its yearly fund allocation from the Central government.
Kidero is one man who can be able to pocket Kshs. 5B per year from the Nairobi coffers if he decides to!
Sometimes back, when ODM Director of Elections-Junet Mohammed talked of Kidero not being given an ODM ticket in 2017; most people didn’t read in between the lines.
You see, Kidero is among the governors who cannot evade working and maintaining a close relationship with the central government or rather the ruling coalition.
Nairobi is the centre of all government activities, right away from international conferences, international tours, government functions, government events and businesses etc.
As the host, just like other county CEOs, he has to be available when such important events occur whether they are government-affiliated or not.
International presidents, investors and business partners invited by the Kenyan President do tour the country regularly…Their first stop is usually Nairobi City, where Kidero is the governor!What do you expect?
In short, he nature of Kidero’s working environment cannot allow any blame to be cast on him!
Junet knew all this, what he only wanted was to ‘activate’ GVN047’s mind in matters ODM and not actually dismissing him.
Since then, the fruits are evident!
Now, Kidero is among the funders of ODM both financial and resource -wise.
We have seen him securing venues such as Uhuru Park for the ODM party amid various conflicting interests.
Ranging from his days back at Mumias Sugar Company as the MD to now controlling a county with an approximate per capita wealth of $1,081, his flamboyant nature is truely evident!
Such people are the ones that Raila cannot lose especially considering the fact that 2017 is the LastBullet !
Even if Kidero doesn’t accompany RAO everywhere just the way Joho and Oparanya normally do, his ‘silent’ consistent contribution to the party counts alot.
I bet this is the question Hassan Joho has been trying to contemplate; as to why ODM leader is always vocal to condemn other party governors(ODM) who are dormant in party activities but silent when it comes to Kidero…
This can also be explained by Joho’s recent active and aggressive nature in RAO’s campaigns!
But the good thing with Joho is that he is fighting for his own space in the party, not waiting for democracy (His Deputy Party-Leader post) to place him where he rightfully belongs.
To Be continued…


Gaylord at times you ooze sense i see

True, Kidero will be given the Nairobi governorship nomination but it won’t come cheap neither will it come roho safi. Kidero tried to oust Raila immediately after the 2013 elections were concluded, he will try it again after the 2017 are concluded.
So Kidero will fund ODM up to the point where he secures the ODM nomination, not a penny more. And Raila will start sabotaging Kidero immediately the cash flow stops.
Another thing Kidero needs to do is to fund wiper as a bribe so as they do not endorse Sonko, coz. the moment Kambas and half Kikuyu’s vote for Sonko, Kidero ameanguka

Before 2013 hyenas had not known how flambuoyant the Governor seat was gonna be. Now it’s when they have realized ni kiti ya maana with power and money. A governor is like a mini president complete with a car which has personlized number plates and a flag to boost, your wife becomes refered to as 1st lady, you have a Governor dais/stand (sijui what it’s called but ni ile kitu mic uwekwa yenye uandikwa Governor/president).

These are every politician’s dream. Ngojea uone vile wanaume watatoana meno for those seats. Si juzi mliona ule mama wa Embu akitaka kutoana meno kwa dais. Gubernatorial battles will be the thing to watch come 2017. Kuna some current Governors waliangukia hizo seats coz seasoned politicians hd not known ni kiti tamu hivo and are now lining up to take their place(s). Mtu kama Ken Lusaka sioni akirudi kwanza hio blunder amefanya kuruka jubilee.

So damn TRUE

inaitwa lectern

Gubernatorial Seats to watch out for…

Nairobi—Kidero vs Sonko & others
Kiambu—Waititu vs Kabogo
Bungoma—Lusaka vs Namwamba
Kisumu—nimesahao lakini incumbent vs Raila’s sister
Kirinyaga<— Waiguru vs Martha karua

and many more

Kiambu tunapatia kabogo

Namwamba pengine Busia. Bungoma ni kwa Weta ingawa Lusaka pia ameanza ile tactic ya Weta ya viboko.

Bungoma is Lusaka vs Khangati Namwamba is from Busia County

si nliskia ni waititu anapewa

Lusaka will loose this seat vile ule MP wa Bungoma mwenye husema tiktator alichomolewa after joining PNU last tym

Namwamba said he was going for MP

with or without kambas votes Nairobi tunachuka ,tumeongezaa more than 120,000 new votes na tunangoja waseme hawatavotia Nairobi tuone nani watavotia kwa slums ndani

khalwale vs Oparnya! moto sana. Interesting times are ahead as y’all say

It does not mean that he own Nairobi. there others before him. na atatoka aachie wengine. Kwanza he will be voted out.

Kama kuna kitu huniudhi na CORD ni this idea that Governors working with the Central government should never happen, that is just the height of stupidity. Sasa unapata mtu kama Kingi hawezi fanya kazi na Kaimenyi to solve land issues in his county just so that Jubilee lack something to brag about ama, wtf!!

Lakini Kidero with all his money sioni akipata hio kiti, Sonko akiget through JP nominations Kidero kwisha.

Fixed for grammar nazi General @gashwin

NB: Supersede/supercede = replace

@gaylord good job

Lusaka has always been Jubilee with the Wamalwa party, that’s why Weta cannot afford bragging rights because he didn’t deliver the entire Bungoma to Cord