Dr.Evans Kidero (2)

The other day some Nairobi County Assembly legislators led by Viwandani MCA brought a motion to the floor of the County Assembly to impeach the Nairobi Governor.
We all saw what happened, the guy was roughed up, the papers teared and the whole assembly chambers experienced commotion and chaos all over!
This also reminds me of Kidero’s other characteristic, a no-nonsense man!
His instant justices are in public dormain…Talk of Rachel Shebesh’s slap at City Hall, Sonko’s fist at the Senate chambers etc…
Robert Green in his 48 Laws of Power book, law number 19 talks of ‘Know who you’re dealing with; do not offend the wrong person!’
How can you present a motion in a county assembly to impeach a senior governor like Evans Kidero with claims of misappropriation of funds in a country where there is a notion that the whole of devolution system including governors is corrupt?
Infact the whole country itself is termed to be corrupt!Haha
Furthermore, you present a motion in a county assembly where majority of the MCAs are of the party affiliated to the governor,ODM for that matter?
Very absurd.
MCA Samwel Nyang’wara must be a very unhappy man right now because the rate at which his motion is flopping is rising at a supersonic speed.
MCAs are writing to the CA speaker to withdraw their signatures from the impeachment motion.
They have realized whom they are dealing with!Hahaa
The Gusii community in Viwandani has also rejected Nyangwara!
Viwandani residents are very furious, they want Nyangwara to account for the funds allocated to the ward before he insists Kidero to account for his.
“He does not even have an office for the ward’s operations. Nyang’wara has not properly distributed bursaries.
More than half of what was allocated is yet to be accounted for,” One of the residents said.
ODM as a party is also not happy with the MCA’s behaviour.
They have termed it as gross misconduct and violation of party constitution.
“His recent action to impeach our
governor has not been taken lightly. We have no option but to suspend him indefinitely from the party. Such uncalled for behaviour will not be tolerated,” Said George Aladwa-Nairobi County ODM Chairman.
He has thus been suspended from the party.
Nyang’waras motion seems to have caused him more harm than good, all the way from being physically beaten and roughed up in the assembly chambers to his party vis-a-vis esidence woes and to the looming fail of the motion; the MCA’s debacles seems to be growing daily.
If at all that motion seems to survive(just in case), I want to assure you that the following will happen:

  1. The MCAs hungry nature will be evident and seen in true colours.
  2. They will propose a formation of an Ad hoc committee comprising of around a quarter or half the total number of MCAs in the County Assembly.
  3. The main aim of the committee will be to conduct investigations on the governor and the general county expenditure.They will be summoning the affected county’s Chief Officers, CECMs and even the governor himself for questions.
    This will take around two-three weeks.
    Mark you, daily allowances to each and every committee member for the entire period will not be less than 10,000Kshs.
  4. Afterwards, the committee members will request for a one or two week retreat either in Mombasa or abroad(even the JSC went to Netherlands) to go compile the findings and draft a report.
    They will also earn allowances during the retreat.
  5. On their come back, the chairman of the committee will then read the report on the floor of the house.
  6. Members will then vote either Yes(agreeing with the report) or No(rejecting it).
  7. If No wins, the report will just flop at the floor of the house and the matter thrown into an oblivion.
    If Yes wins, the report will be sent to the Senate Speaker for tabling.
    Special summons will be called and the governor and his officers required to appear before them to explain more.
    Embu governor-Martin Wambora, Nyeri Governor-Nderit
    u Gachagua etc and we all know what will happen afterwards,the end-result has and will usually be negative!
    Senators will just attend the sermons, doze off on their seats as usual, earn their allowances and finally vote against the report as usual!
    That means, Kidero will survive the impeachment.
    All in all, the County Assembly MCAs and Senators would still have earned their huge allowances!
    To be Continued…

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Still wet behind the ears much

Still a long way to go

A long long loooong way to go…

…the papers teared and the whole assembly chambers experienced commotion and chaos all over!
This also reminds me of Kidero’s other characteristic, a no-nonsense man!
His instant justices are in public dormain

Jeez!! Were you out slashing grass during Osungu.dll?

Mwenye summary alete.

I doubt it. the guy is soft and won’t be there after 2017

siwes soma hio upuss yote

Am too stoned to read this crap.hadi kesho

TL ; DR…leo ni Sunday jameni

Kidero amefanya nini this past 4 years roh saf, what value has the guy added to the city ndo mtu anadefend hii umeffi,
the county looks worse than under the former city council yet the budget…ama Wacha tu.

By headlining Dr Evans Kidero (2) you unknowingly purport that he was voted or will be voted in for a second term. The best reference is Obote 1 and Obote 2 in Uganda where the guy was voted in after serving a first term and later serves for a second time but not consecutively.
Back to your thread what do you mean ODM has the majority, for a governor to be impeached they only need a third of the legislatures to vote to against him. ODM has 2 more legislatures compared to the other coalition. Remember its ODM against the rest

Shoga mkuu hapa ndio sielewi unajaribu kusema nini ju swes soma huu upuss wote. But if you are writing in defence of Kidero then I wonder what kind of imbecile are yo not to see what the nigga has done to the city.

Wrong. Cord has a majority of one mca and he was the one tabling the motion that’s why they had to shebesh the guy. He knew he would lose.