Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho PhD EGH should kaa ngumu. Wanjiku needs Deep State to protect her.

The Deep State looks at the country’s future beyond the parochial and selfish interests of politicians because the greedy politicians come and go but the state lives on forever. It s the work of the deep state to steer the country in the right direction … as we recently saw in the US.

If tangatanga wameshindwa na Deep State who is Orengo & Co?


Kibicho and Murathe are v dangerous crooks.

Wacha porojo Dada.

[SIZE=7]kibicho believes in making people poor so as to govern… [/SIZE]

uyu msee ni mnoma…wanashikanga politicians makei na hakuna mtu humtaja…watu hushinda wakisema “ohh there are people in harambee house bla bla bla.…”…oh anga “those surrounding the president”…mbuvi ndio alijifanya makmende akamtaja jina…nayeye sai analilia kwa choo nairobi hospital…ilibidi hadi aseme yeye huwa mwendah

Struth. We did not elect Murathe and he now talks as PORK. Now we are under military rules. Kaeni tuu hapo. At the end of the day mimi nitakaa huku kwa BOJO wangu nikimaliza kupika porojo. Don’t you guys ever wonder why we turned against Uhuru …

Kibicho huwa more powerfull than all CSs :D:D noma sana

Even more powerful than all governors. If he could make the Governor of Nairobi retreat and operate from Mau Hills. Then he can exile any governor in Kenya.

Kibiicho shikilia hapo hapo…

Hehehe. Hiyo story ya Songo itakufanya uheshimu deep state. Hata hiki kimzee Raira kinafaa kifinywe makagary ama kiwekewe Polonium.

Your MP pale Bunge la E.A ako na maoni tofauti


Msijali time heals,stay strong.There was also strong man biwot,but time…

How I wish we had a deep state that actually cared about Kenya.

One of the most misguided notions peddled even by educated folks ni kwamba Rail a anataka kuwa president. Nothing could be further from the truth, at least to us who attended group of schools. Raila thrives in chaos which the presidency doesn’t afford him. If in doubt, objectively retrace his steps from the NDP days. His modus operandi has been to create chaos that afford him an opportunity to negotiate for himuselefu and his minions while making noises all over.

Then that wouldn’t be a deep state.

Yeah I really fear the deep state, Sonko is absolutely suffering out here

You’re absolutely correct house arrest is far better than Nairobi Governor’s power trappings.

Your words.

Wacha uongo bana hakuna mtoto hapa

I can’t debate you coz your stand on Raila and opposition politics is known.