Dr. Doreen Lugaliki

I just mentioned that not everyone can do that and those who can like most people working in offices should. Why are you too lazy to comprehend a statement? Re read and if you still dont understand ask instead of posting dumb sentences. Kuuliza si ujinga

Nimesema sio kila mtu anaweza. Out of the 100% kenyan workforce mjengo is less than 30%. There is a big percentage that can work from home that isnt working from home. I realize now I have to repeat statements because people here interpret things in opposite fashion

She had it before, she obviously can’t let it be known to others. Let her RIP

Its your mother and father I pity for conceiving you

Why don’t you respond directly coward? I’ll answer you directly since inakaa kusoma na kuelewa ni vitu mbili tofauti kwako. We are talking about a lady who is a doctor who had a pre existing condition. Thats what this thread is about. I said there are many people like her at risk who can change their work approach to protect them from covid and a large number aren’t thereby putting themselves at risk and others. A lot of them. I also mentioned kuna a huge majority who cant do that. Sasa kazi ya mechanic imetoka wapi? Who mentioned a mechanic? Yani wewe akili yako imejaa mkojo ya nyani ukianaza kufikiria inamix na mchanga kwa kichwa iyo mixture ya mkojo na matope ina affect reasoning yako. Learn to read ama urudi shule. They are doing online classes now you shit brain.

Ghaseer!!! Yaani ushacatch? Meffi!!

Enda the next thread na uwache kusumbua na endless paragraphs of nonsense.

Nimecatch. Sana! Nimecatch mamako! Idiot

They are spoiling for a fight, your suggestions earlier were clear. People at high risk should take necessary steps to mitigate such outcomes. while some may not be able to , they can strictly adhere to other guidelines as advised.

Wah!!! Aki nimeskia vibaya vile umenitukana!! Ata sitalala leo na Amani.

Imbecile!! You have a long way to go when dealing with anonymous people in a forum! Unatype mingi sana for people who dont give a shit about your opinion.

She’s a doctor. I believe she’s married. She could have stayed aware from work since it’s a high risk environment she worked in and she had a major comobidity. Let her husband provide until the issue is somewhat resolved. Two years away from work at a time when kids aren’t even in school isn’t a long time. She could have done work away from hospital. Whichever work, I don’t know. Or taken a sabbatical. I know plenty of people with comobidities taking sabbaticals. And they are not even doctors… Life matters alot you know.

The level of precautions I’m taking and I’m not diabetic. I can’t believe a diabetic can go to the highest risk area A HOSPITAL at a time like this. Seriously sometimes people just like to tempt fate. I can not even dream of going inside a hospital. How in the world does a diabetic do this? Hospital is a no go zone for most people including the perfectly healthy ones.

You responded to all my posts. Seems like you’re spending a lot of time on my opinions for someone that doesn’t give a shit about my opinion