Dr. Doreen Lugaliki

My heart is heavy over the passing of this lovely doctor-mum. My deepest condolences to her family especially her 13- year old twins. May God protect all healthcare workers from this terrible scourge.


Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has mourned the death of Dr. Doreen Lugaliki who has succumbed to the new coronavirus.

In a post on social media, KMPDU said the Dr.Lugaliki contracted the virus while at work, reiterating on the need for the government to protect frontline workers.

Lugaliki succumbed on Friday morning at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi.

She was admitted to the medical facility after experiencing difficulty breathing.

Sad isnt it

She is beautiful. MSRIP
Funny about covid 19, you are all healthy without exhibiting any symptoms and then all of a sudden you can’t breathe?
Why is that?

She was apparently diabetic…

Pole kwa familia yake lakini


Diabetes is such a bìtch in this covid war… almost all RIPs ni hiyo… ata covid ni kama blood disease locally according to what I see

Many people can be really sick with covid and not realize until it’s too late. A colleague who had it told me that he was feeling “okay-ish” sitting at home but when he checked his oxygen saturation it was only 82%. By the time he got to the hospital it was 74% and they had to intubate him quickly. It’s a silent killer such that your oxygen levels can drop precipitously without you knowing. I have a pulse oximeter at home which has been so useful; whenever I want to check my heart rate or oxygen saturation I just pop it on my finger and see what it is.

Chaina should be made to pay.

Stay at home. Better to lose clients than to go to work and risk losing your life and leaving your children behind. CoronaVirus is temporary I dont know why people simply can’t just stay at home if they are a risk group. Money will always be there. Anyway, rest in peace and condolences to her family

These are cases where you wish she has gone and will come back later…Too sad though…MSRIP…Fcku macho ndogos

What a dumb comment?
Stay at home mkule vidole, ama?₩
Secondly, shes a doctor, an essential worker.

But apparently nobody knew she had diabetes. So one wonders if it was the Covid that gave her the diabetes.

Apparently in most black people the symptoms of fever and cough are not there. It’s general malaise. The same way you feel tired for no apparent reason. Meanwhile the virus load is getting higher leading to vasodilation and blood clots. If you feel tired for no apparent reason rush to the nearest chemist. Buy aspirin and a steroid like predisolone. Then go for the test. At least you will have slowed down these two main cause of death. Aspirin is very important because blood clots can travel to major organs and kill you. Also don’t lie down and sleep. Do breathing exercises and try to walk around.

Stop jumping to conclusions like a jilted adolescent. There are many avenues in that profession you dont always have to be present at work. She’d be good for some time even if she decided to quit her job. That question of “stay at home and eat what?” is what is messing a lot of people up, instead of coming up with newer, safer ways of discharging their duties,a lot of people are just resorting to putting their lives and that of others at risk. The question should be “what safer ways of earning money can I pursue?” Thats what we should be constantly asking each other.Not all can do that, i get that, but a lot can operate way differently. I run my own 2 companies and I had to change everything to be online based. It cost me so much money, I literally turn away any client that wants to meet in person, so I’m not talking out my ass, but I know at the end of the day my actions wont just save my or my loved ones life, but somebody elses. Also, I understand she’s an essential worker, that said, none of the hundreds of clients she worked for came to her rescue when she needed them the most, she did when they needed her the most, no way should she have put herself in that situation knowing she had an underlying condition, round hii hakuna huruma its every man for himself, I’d save myself a million times over before I put my life on the line for anyone who isnt my immediate family.


so you think everyone can work online like you? si unyamaze tu bana…or change your wording to " stay and work at home and only leave when it’s absolutely necessary"…an option many don’t have anyway

Achana na huyo meffi, hiyo reasoning yake ni ya ujinga. Justifying nonsense coz of his formal job, na anajua most kenyans live from hand to mouth. Its either utoke nje uchape wera ama ukufe njaa.

Let me just have a zoom meeting with my mechanic we fix this broken down gearbox, shall we?

Reasoning ya ufala sana! :D:D:D

It is your clients and employees I pity with this kind of reasoning

Advice watu wa mjengo, jua wasipotoka watakufa jaa