Dr Amoth

I have watched several interviews this guy who is the current director of medical services has done with the media and I must say he is very calm, collected and very reasonable when answering questions. He seems to have a good idea of what he is doing. If there is a person that deserves the praise now in the corona virus season it is this guy and not the so called Mutahi Kagwe.

Wapi predictions yake ati by mid april there will be 5000 cases of Covid 19.
I think we should praise him for making such prediction that turns out to be false.
Wabebe skilow!

I think he was talking about the worst case scenario which is reasonable from my point of view

And that was for zero/do nothing scenario; meaning measure put in place have been effective in bring the potential numbers down.

kwani mutahi kagwe ashaanza kutisha nyinyi? relax, Ruto has central and lock and key

TANGATANGA will start labelling him a dynasty. Meanwhile, let it be known that RUTO THE THIEF WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT.