Dr. Amb. Monica Juma

Or bariatric surgery or dieting/gym perhaps. Hope there’s nothing else to it.

They do bariatric surgery in Kenya. I know someone who did it? It was horrible. She cried in pain for days.


Most likely cancer… Hiyo Ingine huwezi jua siku hizi coz madawa…

Most likely cancer. So my late dad shrivel right before my eyes after he was put on radiotherapy. MTU anapoteza appetite kabisa hata fruit hawezi kula.
For the case of the big homa, hio Siku hizi ski rahisi kujua coz of madawa na diet. Ole wako kama wewe hupima na macho before kula.

@T.Vercetti yake ni full blown AIDS but bado anauzia @poyoloko mkundu

What about Celine Dion?

  1. Always thank God/ your ancestors if your family has no history of hereditary diseases kama diabetes, cancer, alcoholism and lupus.
  2. In my opinion, before you decide to procreate, check the family history of the partner you are procreating with.
  3. Dont mock sick people including clinically obese like omanga and clinically depressed like half of our youth…they are going through a lot

Alcoholism is a hereditary disease?

Ako na cancer?

True, but these are things one can overcome, not easy but it’s possible

Read about the genetic and physiological link to alcohol abuse… a very formidable link

Is this the same as liposuction?

No, in bariatric, they staple your stomach. That is, they reduce its size. Therefore it holds less food. You can only eat small meals thereafter. In fact you have to be on a semi-liquid diet for several months.


Damn, I had family friends back in Bungoma Yaani huwa funeral after another.
Huko Cham imemaliza hio familia and I thought they’d learn from their fathers