Dr. Amb. Monica Juma

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Year please

The perception that you must be fat to be seen to be healthy and doing well is what has clogged your mind. She looks very healthy and fit in her current body.

Stress ya jeshi or sick

Sani wachana na watu kumbaff,terker terker,gaseer

so we should not celebrate when fellow kenyans have gone to the gym and achieved their targets?

Pompeo alikuja uku lini

Monica went to see him.

Fair point but, can you compare this
To this
And call it healthy weight loss?

She slimmed just in time for Covid. It might have saved her life.
Joho also seems to be currently on the same weightloss program.

Plus kule mwingi, that is the default body. I think it is healthy.

[SIZE=5]I say mmezivaa mapema sana.[/SIZE]


Umama thtead

Dear CoVID/Cancer

Huyu asione 2021 please.


vipi ghaseer hii?

cancer inampeleka mbio sana. chemotherapy sio mchezo

Sio ile ingine ugonjwa mrefu

Na huyu?


Huyu njaa ndio ina maliza yeye after mifereji ya wizi zifungwe.