DP's account copying post's from elders

Izo vitu dp ameandika zimekua copied hapa kwa kijiji.

Haya, sasa iko wapi proof ati alicopy from kitu ilikuwa imeandikwa kwa kijiji?

Ruto ni mwiziiiiiiiii Echesa alikuwa atoe za macho

Ni yeye alikua ameandika a similar thing. I can tell from the DoD I dont really read Sani’s bullshit I just skim.

angalia ilipostiwa kwa kijiji saa ngapi na yye amepost saa ngapi

it would be easier if you posted them side by side, ON THIS THREAD, don’t you think?

Nugu. Wapi link to the thread??


@sani kwani unaona tukiwa idle aje? can’t you just copy paste the damn thread side by side na hii ya DP uncle yako

@sani what I can predict is this : you will see a very angry DP Ruto this week. Very angry and bitter. There is no way mnaeza mkazia kukula 7 to 10 billion of that planned 40 billion. Just watch.

And you are right. Itumbi or Talam might have copied what you wrote earlier.

io pesa ilikua itoke treasury, ama ni poland wangetupatia mzigo na on top watulipe? io mzigo ya military ingekua delivered wapi kama military hawajaorder? ingesafirishwa na airline ipi?

Niaje company ya kusupply military ilianzishwa 2015 iko ma revenue ya $ 2.8 million yearly, pesa kidogo kuliko sme’s za kenya? Si io ni briefcase company? Company kama io iko na uwezo wa kupply systems worth 30 billion?

Elders mngenyamaza muone kutaenda aje, badala ya kuexpose ignorance yenu. Kama kawaida mtaona vile itaisha, with egg on the parasitic dynasties face.

Wanataka kumzuia Ruto, na lazima wacome up na story yyote, lakini hawataweza

But you yourself you don’t read anything. Not even comments. That’s why I told you to wait for more info. And no one has said that the Eco Advanced company is legit. Remember even in Arror, Ruto used a very fake, very broke Italian company to steal from Kenyans.

So he probably repeated same procedure again. But the idea here is Kenya first pays the commitment fees of at least a quarter or half of the 40b. Akishapata share yake, the usual 7 to 10 billion he then switches to whistle blower mode. I don’t know if that is clear enough for you to grasp. The money is not in the 40b but in the deposit, the commitment fee to start the project.

How will Kenya pay commitment fee if the general is fake and its a fake deal? Ama Echesa ako na powers za kuincure expenditure DoD?

What I know is that Echesa should be put down. Everything that ninja touches turns into something bad.

Bado hujaelewa. Let’s say you Sani you are building a house in Eldoret. You have set aside 8 million bob. You hire me as a contractor to build you the home. I then tell you, “Hey Sani give me 3 million so that I can pay my workers their initial salaries and also for transport of materials to the site etcetera and you will deduct from the 8 million later.”

Once you give me the 3 million shauri yako. I’m out.
That is how Ruto does it. Advance payments. He creates the need i.e the project via some funny company as the lead puppeteer. Then he orders Ministry of Finance to release advance payments of all kind for the project. His target is not the whole 40b but as much as he can grab during that initial release period.

For instance Arror and Kimwarer were budgeted for around 63 billion. The advance fees came to 21 billion. That is the money your friend eats. So he eats advance fees on non existent projects and he eats upfront. Whether CMC de ravena or Eco advanced get anything is not his problem.

How can Ruto order the ministry of finance when junior people like county commissioners don’t come to his rallies, ministers sideline him on everything and are answerable to Matiang’i. All funding to Ruto’s projects is frozen on orders from above.

How can a man isolated by the President, governors, mpigs, county commissioners, business people, state bureaucrats be so powerful, that he can order treasury around, treasury enye inasimamiwa na Ukur?

Whatever the anus has, let it demonstrate it to the toilet, not us. DPP na DCI wafanye kazi yao. If Ruto is guilty of a crime we expect him in court on Monday, otherwise we will conclude Kinoti and Hajj have been compromised

Yes Rotich was fired. But before he was fired he released 21 billion in form of advance payments and commitment fees for Arror and Kimwarer. To cover Rotich’s behind, Ruto then came out and said that it wasn’t 21 billion that was lost but 7 billion. :smiley:

That’s why I told you that this time round Ruto’s plan unravelled very early in the process. He can’t be smiling wherever he is. This week mtaona his true colours.

Getting nasty but as usual nothing is done