DPP Haji turns a page.

There’s this Mt. Kenya Legislature, whose bank accounts holding billions of Shillings are frozen , by authorities .
Let’s wait n see though


Uhuru will be remembered for fighting corruption.Big fish should be jailed



Wapi @Introvert ?

Pale wanaenda kusomewa Mwito wa Rais, and anyone feeling like S/He is a man enough to do the contrary, has the potential of ending up like the man below, hapana leta mchezo.


[SIZE=7]Ugolino and His Sons (Carpeaux)[/SIZE]

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Ugolino and His Sons is a marble sculpture of Ugolino made by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux in Paris during the 1860s. It depicts the story of Ugolino from Dante’s Inferno in which the 13th century count is imprisoned and starving with his children. The work, known for its expressive detail, launched Carpeaux’s career.[1]

It’s Gachagua.

PR tupu

Really? How many convictions of big fish people have we had under Uhuru?