DP Uncle Ruto About To Change Name To 'Tobey'

Why do sound like you’re on a retainer?
25hours a day?

Is it me you mean? if it is…mimi niko nyuma ya WSR for now. Unless someone v dazzling comes along. All thieves.
Siwezi support Baba…never ever ever.

Your sentiments are precisely why Uhuru cant let Ruto be on the ballot… cendro ni kama amechukua. And I have heard of the prevailing centiment of cendro from several sources… ni WSR. So if he is on the ballot, he will be 5th PORK.

Which rallies did Ruto hold in kakamega and vihiga?

I hear you. He will be on the ballot if they don’t ‘eliminate’ him. Hatutaki Uhuru and Baba.

I wouldnt go as far as saying eliminate. A legal technicality will do… even if its a frame-up. But with Ruto, I doubt they will need to frame-up anything. Simply being told to explain his wealth will do. But we are reading from the same script at the end of the day.

This is definitely the prevailing sentiment in cendro. Remember after the handshake Uhuru na Baba were to tour cendro and also Nyanza. They went to Nyanza but not cendro. Uhuru must have been warned that the ground is anti-baba and that he would only popularize Ruto even more while humiliating himself in his back yard.

Those are just some… Go and search for yourselves the rest

I am seeing even a situation in 2022 where Uhuru might sideline Raila and say mademoni caused him to sideline Ruto and he that he supports Ruto presidency as before… Cause he would be too afraid and ashamed to go against the prevailing mood kwa ground

You’re over-rating yourself…

It was not clear but don’t mind me.

Sure…my eliminate was a polite way of saying ‘physically’ dealing with him.

:D:D:D:D:D…loot all doesn’t need konyagi , but konyagi needs loot all,why 1) loot all is an EXECUTIVE deputy president not a mere appointee,any mischief by konyagi will lead to a hung parliament and derail his government and legacy.2)Baba is unsellable beyond his back yard,hata mombasani,kamba land the ground shifted kitambo. Lastly if shit hits the fan,loot all can take care of him before he is taken care off…if you know you know.


Its doubtfull whether the “mademoni” narrative will present itself this time around. Last time it happened because behind the scenes, president kibaki was consulted and, with his usual demeanor, said he has no issue with uhuru standing. Today, he is president and doesnt need to consult anyone.

Uhuruto are in a serious political duel at the moment and it wont end till one party is brought to his knees. Uhuru has the higher ground as president so am guessing ruto will loose this one.

Ghai…you are supporting Uhuru because you are seemingly a baba supporter. Let me put it this way…a combi of Uhuru and Raila in power is v toxic.
BTW all Raila supporters are now Uhuru supporters…thing is Centro peasants go out and vote. Raila’s do not.


Ruto graced a football tournament finals which he never organized!!!

U mean if Ruto attended a harambee stars match at Kasarani,to u the crowd will be there coz of Ruto?

Raila isnt my first choice. But given a choice between Rao and Ruto, I would rather go with Rao. I consider Ruto a dangerous man to make president.

But I would much prefer a Madvd or Kalonzo presidency. These are moderates who will by and large quit power when their time comes.

Ruto is an entirely different animal and very ruthless as 2007 has shown

Knew it. Guys you need to support your RAO openly and loudly. Don’t mind us Ruto supporters…

Its not a matter of support but “the least worst option” as the Americans say

You honestly believe rjag Uhuruto won the past elections fairly? You honestly believe two tribes can make an individual a president?