DP Uncle Ruto About To Change Name To 'Tobey'

Mimi ni political prophet. Si niliwaambia hapa a year ago that the hot and steamy fling between Anko Ruto na uhunye is over? Mulibookmark hizo threads as instructed? Ndio hizi:




As I had predicted, Rao is effectively the DP while Ruto has been sidelined. And then juzi, kuna headline that Rao is complaining about the source of Anko’s wealth and then the headline the next day is that Tuju, as chairman of jubilee, amesema corrupt leaders will not be allowed on the ballot in Jubilee…

All these other corrupt leaders like Baba Yao, Kidero and Sonko and many others are just warm up to prepare the public for the main target… Anko. I also predicted this a year ago.

My prediction this time around is Ruto will not be on the ballot. Its too risky for the powers that be to allow it especially since Kenyatta’s own tribal back yard appear to have warmed up to him and after they have hounded him thus far. The Kenyattas wont place their fabulous wealth at risk… and neither will Rao place his wealth at risk. The kikuyu vote, unlike the luo vote, tends to gravitate towards a personality while the luo vote follows a personality. Kenyatta will not risk hii mjamaa being on the ballot coz he cant direct his tribe where to vote.

PELEKA BENKI! Ruto will not be on the ballot!

He is about to be politically whipped and this whipping will most likely take place around 2021 or 2022 so that his corner wont have time to react as it will be too close to the election.

Ruto is about to be politically and financially whipped. He may however humble himself (change his name to Tobey) and find a place in the new political dispensation… Just like kunta kinte.


It’s a known fact, by 2022, Ruto will be hopping from one court to the other, the state might even bankrupt him.
Come 2022, he will do what he’ll be instructed to do, akiambiwe keti chini , ataketi bila kusumbua.

Ndoto ya mchana… Endelea kuota vizuri. Kama walishindwa kuhold Ndidi nyoro kwa jail… Do you think wataweza Ruto?

Supposed elections were held today, and as usual Kenyans vote by their tribal blocks, will Ruto really win? Coz as we know right now it’s only Kalenjins and Kiuks and bits of Somali backing Ruto. Assuming elections will be fair

Siasa huwa dynamic baba, you cannot predict politics with certainty, Ruto wachaneni na yeye. Concentrate on 10 fresh za Uhuru na Raila. By the grace of God and the efforts of proud kenyan youth William Ruto will achieve his agenda, and Uhuru will not achieve his agenda, and will go home humiliated, without a legacy.

Count me out of that “proud Kenyan youth” . I don’t take it kindly to being associated with a born thief.

:D:D kuna clip Dr. Ruto husema exactly the same…

By the grace of Satan WSR shall succeed.

Sorry Sani…he will have to work for the votes za ‘mayut’. Kina washosho like my Mum will be out in droves because they have an agenda!

In the wider scheme of Kenyan politics, who is Ndindi Nyoro ?

Ati watablock ruto from being in the ballot, that is like putting your finger into a leopards ass. Unless they kill him like saitoti, ruto is now more politically popular than either of them. Ruto will be a one term president, and it will be kenyans who will send him home not dynasties

:D:D:D Eti popular? You got jokes my fren. Maybe in only in the Rift, Central and parts of NE.

Ask him to call a rally at Uhuru Park and see whether it will even be a quarter filled?

He has been having rallies in vihiga, kakamega, rift and central and it has been fully packed. What do you think makes Nairobi special? If Sonko can make Nairobi fully packed. What about other leaders?

Kyuks, kales and the smaller tribes are what put Uhuruto in power. If Ruto can get these behind him (which he already has) basi the 5th president of Kenya ni yeye. Especially if you factor in that NASA has currently splintered and it will be difficult for RAO to get them back together.

Uhuru cant allow this to happen after what they have been going thru. Also, its no secret that Uhuru will have a prominent post like Prime Minister after the next elections.

So Uhuru must somehow bar WSR from contesting.

Interesting times ahead…

Kweli… but in this case, Uhuru cant take the risk of the Kenyatta dynasty being destroyed. They survived the Moi Era and prospered only because Moi protected them. Moi could easily have destroyed that family if he so chose.

Considering the antagonistic fashion Uhuruto have been behaving, it would be too big a risk for WSR to be allowed into the presidency.

Ruto is more capable of protecting Uhuru than Raila. Raila ako na favours mingi alifanyiwa na foreigners zenye anafaa kurudisha mkono.

Protection of what? Business interests? I thought you’re the person who is against dynasties. Now you want them protected

Six months ago, who would have thought , Gov. Sonko would be dragged to court, while screaming and kicking ?

In the meantime Centro is not willing to look at anyone Uhuru supports as they have no time for him. BTW Uhuru tried selling Peter Kenneth as NBO incoming Governor, it did not work.

He he he…
Arap Kimwarer ktalk influencer numero uno … ameshaongea… as expected.