DP Ruto's Nyamira event Stopped by Police, Situation Getting out of Hand

Why do I feel that these actions will work for DP low key, or just outrightly?




@Eng’iti kuja hapa utuambie what is happening…


Wanaogopa Ruto kama moto ya pasi. Liwe liwalo

Imesemekana bado anaenda. He is almost getting there. Ni kunoma

we went through worse hii ni kalongolongo

Just a few years ago @spear was the one urging police to lob teargas at ODM goons, today @spear is the goon receiving doses of teargas
… :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:eek:

Life is funny.

Alikuwa anaitana tingod. Leo tingod wake ndio anarushiwa tear gas.

Tears gas meli tatu ziko pale berth 19. Hii lazima tutumia kabla 2022. Huyu mwizi lazima we deport him to Hague.

Na kumbe ile torch ya Jacob Juma haikuwa mchezo?

Watching Ruto dancing on that wheelbarrow you know there’s something going wrong somewhere.

Rocket propelled grenade… Problem solved.

Niaje keyboard warrior [ATTACH=full]327998[/ATTACH]


Nyamira and Kisii were opposition strong. Now hustler wave has swept there. This acts are our best campaign tool for free without any effort. Waendeee vilivyo.

Kenya ikona drama yaani … ever had in another country police used against the Deputy President?

The same way government reacted with the ‘insult’ to the former first lady. The end result of that was the ‘dynasty’ being exposed to the open. If they ignored the DP’s campaigns, in my opinion wangefaidika. But reactions every now and then… Ruto will dominate Kenya’s politics till the elections. I think kuna some good strategy behind all this and someone’s falling victim to it every time.

Problem is that people in the government advising Ohuru are not wise - waangalie tu wote you’ll see big fools na hapo wanapatia Ruto bonga points za free

I completely agree. Yaani reflecting back, a lot of poor decisions have been made in the background.

I think the issue right now is that they don’t have a standout candidate to compete against Ruto.

Ask yourself, who is the handshake candidate to run against Ruto?

Handshake side have not yet decided on their candidate hence the seeming lack of direction in that camp.

That line up ya tangatanga is very scary: Don Bosco Gichana, Zaheer Jhanda…these are the guys who will be running this country, alafu ongeza MK, Sudi, Echesa and group. The shafting that awaits us post-2022 is of Pornhub magnitude. Wueh!!!

Mkubwa as they say history always repeats its self, Raila pulled crowds in 2007, 2013 and 2017. If you find yourself pulling crowds, URAIS utaonea ViewSasa.

Hii ni free publicity, worse still the fundraiser has been moved to next week which now heightens expectations even further.

Welcome back senior.

Year 2020, 57 years after independence and we have police stopping religious events, fundraising and teargas at churches because President Uhuru, RAT and muhoho are bothered by the huge welcome, show of affection and support DP Uncle Ruto receives when he goes there.