Dp Ruto the most popular presidential aspirant for 2022: poll

Ruto Ni Moto wa kuotea mbali. Sio Mimi nimesema
Ruto leads by 30%, followed by a distant second placed Raila at 17%.

Sasa Ruto anafaa acheze karata yake mzuri achague Running mate wa maana. And it shall be a done deal[ATTACH=full]315387[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]315388[/ATTACH]

Na bado. Uhuru’s miscalculations have GUARANTEED a WSR landslide… ngoja 2022 ikaribie. Without the muscle of incumbency, UHURU will be the proverbial frog croaking loudly to keep the elephant from drinking.

Watu wamechangamkia hio post kwa page ya k24 mpaka ikabidi k24 waitoe post yenyewe.
K24 Ni ya Gideon Moi, I bet whoever posted it is about to get fired. Lakini hata wakitoa, Ruto bado ako mbele

Its official, im not voting. Ruto na Raila wote ni meffi!! Kama hawa ndio farasi wawili, wacha nikae tu home nitafute Lanye anipee kaswende.

I have a brighter future with syphillis, than having either of these two as president.

Ruto will be ur next president

Pia RAO 2007 alikuwa pale kwa pinnacle ya ipsos chieth. Lakini vile Kura za Nithi ziliwasili. The rest is history.

Ambia Ruto aulize Peter Kenneth vile kunaendaga

Kila kitu nibya Gideon Moi

What Ruto fanatics do not understand is that there is another province in Kenya namely Social Media. They say history repeats itself, well, tell you what, the winner in Social Media constituency has never been the president, and neither will they be. Kama hamuamini ulizeni Peter Kenneth na Raila na Hillary Clinton.

Ebu tuambie hiyo siri…but seriously though Peter Kenneth is a nobody in Cendro. He can yada all he likes, Uhuru can shove him down our throats lakini huwa hatujiski. I heard he is being groomed as our next kingpin. Hatuna kingpin and some of us are happy that way.

Opinion polls,socio media showed him leading for Nairobi governor during the last elections.
I think the slay queens didnt translate the online votes to actual votes

Gotcha. Only that WSR has the numbers on the ground. BTW PK was not really leading…Sonko was as much as Jubilee tried to push PK in. Sonko had his Jeshi solidly behind him.

so far he’s the only candidate…should be 80%

I don’t vote

Intel Research Solutions is a bonoko company,as elders its wise to dig deeper sometimes.

Si uchawi ni maombi

Hii chieth poll gavana Mutua ndio alilipia according to my sources

Jambazi Sugu kutoka Sugoi litaonea State state house kwenye viusasa

Someone tell Baba the same narrative he had 12 years ago can’t sell anymore.
Sote Pamoja!

Hehehe inakupea relief