DP Ruto is your NEXT president

[ATTACH=full]282093[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]282094[/ATTACH]POLLS conducted by two different people on neutral ground showing Dp Ruto Leading .

keyboard voters, mashinani kura ni tofauti.

hata Peter Keneth polls za twitter zilifanywa 50 alikuwa analead na 95%

lootall ataionea viusasa. only time will tell

Mariga won the election when talkers took the poll.

Right now its only Ruto who is campaigning for 2022, so any poll will put him on the driving seat. We don’t even know if RAO will vie or who else will oppose Ruto so any opinion polls right now are null. Why are they putting Uhuru there yet he is constitutionally not allowed to viw in 2022? Acha tungoje alignments ziform kwanza. Reminds me of when Kalonzo kept topping opinion polls before the 2007 elections.

Until Angela Ombitho turns up with alternative figures cooked in her you know where showing the serial loser will sweep this one with a landslide.

Those are sympathy votes which Ruto is gaining because of how the system has started mishandling him.

I only believe Angela…

Only an imp can sympathise with Ruto.

More than 60% of voters don’t own a social networking account…Ask Peter Kenneth…kwa ground vitu huwa different.

Kabla nirushwe Siberia Guantanamo Prison ya Twitter for life with no option of parole nilikuwa hapo during election time…wakati hio challenge ikatokea ya watu wamepiga kura waonyeshe vidole iko na ink. Truth be told those who posted walikuwa like 10% of KOT. In short hao online voters ni only keyboard warriors. They never vote.

Voters hawakuangi twirra.

Ruto takataka muici munene gutire kudu arathie

Nicholas it seems no one has noticed what you have done.

Hehehe only a fool would base his arguments on twitter chieth

Nigga has just doxxed himuselefu

Ako na guts. Jamaa wa procurement.

He is an imbecile as he looks in his profile picture

:D:D:D wacha uchokozi. Labda ni sisi pekee hatukuwa tunamjua. Ama in your view unaona amejianika by accident?

Na ni kijana mdogo. Ile design gay mundial hutaka.