DP Ruto: Indeed, I'm angry

Deputy President William Ruto has admitted that he is an angry man.

He says the ‘killing’ of the Big Four agenda and the current high cost of living had contributed to it.
Dr Ruto said Kenyans were not happy either because their country was on the wrong path.

“We are angry and hungry because of the high cost of living and soaring fuel prices,” said the DP.
This is even as President Uhuru Kenyatta handed Kenyans a reprieve from another expected fuel price increase on Thursday by authorising a Sh16.67 billion subsidy to retain the current fuel prices.
The DP said the anger against the high cost of living will drive Kenyans to vote for a fresh, visionary and responsible government on August 9.
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The DP has come under heavy criticism recently, with claims that he was an angry man and would not hesitate to take crude action on anyone crossing his path.

[SIZE=6]Nullified 2017 presidential election[/SIZE]

The accusations started after revelations that he almost slapped President Kenyatta over the nullified 2017 presidential election.
President Kenyatta later said that to avoid bloodshed he was willing to go home after the Supreme Court nullified his win.
“If they had slapped me over power, I would have given them the other cheek to slap. Yes, I wanted to go back to Ichaweri because I couldn’t compare power with bloodshed,” said President Kenyatta.
Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa later claimed that he was almost slapped by the DP in 2018.
Speaking at an Azimio la Umoja One Kenya campaign rally at the Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega County on Saturday, the CS claimed that his was a secret he had kept for a long time.

“Yesterday, I saw my boss, President Kenyatta, saying someone wanted to slap him, the one who likes slapping people. He said if he had slapped him, he would have turned the other cheek as well,” he stated.
Mr Wamalwa alleged that after the elections, he and other Luhya leaders went to meet the President at State House, a move that the DP did not like and demanded a resignation letter from the CS.
On Wednesday, the DP temporarily halted his speech and scolded a man that he claimed had disrespected him at a public rally in Vihiga.
"Tuwe na heshima. Kama kuna mtu ametumwa hapa kuja kuharibu mkutano mseme saa hii mapema ama muondoke kwa hii mkutano” (Let us have respect. If anyone has been sent here to cause chaos at this meeting, you better say or you all leave this meeting), he said.
He added: "Wewe kijana wacha kunijibu, unanijibu kama nani? Kama umeleta kisirani kwa hii mkutano utoke. Huwezi kuja hapa kuharibu mkutano” (Young man, stop answering me. You are answering me as who? If you want to disrupt this meeting you better leave. You can’t come here and disrupt our meeting).
On Thursday, the DP told Narok, Migori, Nyamira and Kisii residents that his competitors were speaking about his anger because they lacked an agenda.
“They do not know what sleeping hungry is. They have no agenda, plan or policy. Right now, they are peddling lies that William Ruto is angry. If you broke our Big Four agenda, did you want us to laugh with you?” asked Dr Ruto.
He said Kenyans cannot laugh when the prices of flour and fuel are high.

“You have no agenda, that is why you are talking about Ruto’s anger. His is small, Kenyans are angrier because they sleep hungry and the high cost of living is high. You will be shocked by the anger that will force Kenyans to vote en masse and push you out of the ballot in August,” said the DP.
He was accompanied by Kenya Kwanza Moses Wetang’ula and Amason Kingi, who echoed his statements.
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On the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Dr Ruto, Mr Wetang’ula and Mr Kingi told Mr Odinga to stop attacks, saying that the Azimio candidate had sensed defeat.

[SIZE=6]Fight me[/SIZE]
“He has started his drama again. He is talking of register, IEBC, and chairman Chebukati. I am telling him to stop all that and face me as your competitor because I am here. Fight me, I am ready to face you,” said the DP.
Mr Wetang’ula said that this time around, Mr Raila Odinga should not claim that his votes were stolen.
“They told us that they have the deep state and that they will steal the votes. Does Ruto look like one whose votes will be stolen? We will transport that man to Bondo in a wheelbarrow. This time, there will be no demonstrations, self-swearing or vandalising the railway,” said the Ford Kenya leader.
The DP toured Kisii and Nyamira counties in his bid to boost his numbers in the region.
His campaigns in the region intensified as the latest opinion polls showed that his popularity in the two counties was decreasing.

Dr Ruto has been to Gusii over a dozen times in the last three months and hopes that his efforts in the remaining few weeks before the August 9 election will bear fruit.


The man is going to rule this country with an iron fist.
Get ready.

@God forbid

It’s too late bro, he’s out smarted them all

We need such a leader who won’t negotiate with kinyatta mafia and Co. Wameharibu hi nchi

Waturedio share mbesha za jubilee

Cheza shini Mdau

Hii ni damage controll, after insulting Eugene Wamalwa. Western Kenya leaders are roating him and i don’t think they will buy his silly excuses.
Eugene played an audio of LootAll, to the masses that was damaging.

Ile sweep alipiga Eugene lasma watu wa catch