DP Anko Ruto: "To Deal With Kikuyus, Get Power First"

Are kikuyus kweli gonna vote for this jamaa? Yani he has openly said that to deal with kikuyus, he needs to get power first. And are the same Kyuks gonna put him in pawa? This is the thing that fascinates me and makes me admire this guy:


Very frightening prospect…
Isn’t this the guy…
He must have prepared a (Master plan on how to do it), having done a beta run when he was in YK92…

Ogopa uyu mutu Na smiles zake. This is a snake

By tapping into the prejudice that has incubated inside Kukes for so long, he has managed to convince them that its actually RAO that’s the problem, not him. Alafu isitoshe, jamaa anazalisha mtoto kichaa kisha anamruka. Some of us can see through your theatrics.

The man is an archetype of everything that’s wrong with this coubtry.

Danganya toto jinga.

my fren tuko nyuma ya ii python

Ruto may not be tribalistic in his personal life. A politician’s interest is to serve his personal ambitions. Therefore, Ruto told his voting block exactly what they wanted to hear. The same way Uhuru told Mt.Kenyans about “Kimundu” to sensationalize his campaigns. A smart politician assesses the desires of his people, and then taps into that. He realized that Kales hate Kikuyus, so he had to tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. Ni kama kukatia dame. First you determine her weaknesses and her desires, and then exploit that. Uhuru has already used that trick thrice on Mt.Kenya voters by demonizing Raila in public rallies before all elections, because he knows Kiuks hate Raila. Now that his political ambitions are somewhat limited, he has reverted to his real settings and no longer hates “kimundu”. The hatred wasn’t personal.

Is this OMO or ARIEL?


Now what will happen when he gives the Kales top jobs how will they treat the people who they hate

For one, I agree with you that politicians tell their people what they want to hear to get mileage with them. Everyone does this. But the very fact that he is telling his people that the kikuyus are the enemy is very telling for a politician of his stature who is a leading contender for the highest office in the land. There will always be tribal prejudices since kenya has 42 tribes after all. But for you to play that up as a senior politician just shows out the kind of man you are. There are other things that you can tell them to get them onside besides talking about Kyuks… bridges need to be built, produce needs to get market etc.

Secondly, not only is he inciting, but during the last PEV, pangas and such were supplied to people on the ground. Its one thing to talk and quite another to supply arms. Infact, there are strong parallels between what happened in Rift Valley and in 1994 Rwanda when pangas were also supplied to one side.

This is why I say putting such a character in pawa just doesnt make sense. People like Kalonzo, Madvd, Peter Kenneth, Kibwana… these are the kind of guys to vote for. I have said here I am not really a fan of RAO and if Ruto isnt on the ballot, I wont vote for him but if he is, then RAO is the lesser evil