Doxed Villagers!

From the records, most villagers who ever doxed themselves (real-life identity revealed), always deactivated their accounts and disappeared. As @Panyaste★ would put it, they were last seen by the villagers running with falling trousers. We have legends like Mr Rwanda with his fake tales of eating Rwandese fine asses among others who disappeared when their true-self were revealed. Another one was a certain Maasai who accidentally or rather unwittingly doxed himself by revealing his criminal escapades. He disappeared never to be seen. Then there was fake Miano with his fake tales of partying in Monaco et cetera.

Then we have a legend @Jimit aka Thanos aka JIMMY OUMA. This post is about him. Big up to him for staying even after doxing himself. It takes courage to do so.

Yule dim eyed njaluo ako tuu sawa. @Jimit if I ever come across you in real life I’ll give you a ngoto and a few pennies for omena and changaa

Elkana ong’iti alias Ndindu alimaintain kwa kijiji even after doxxing himselufu.

Huyo wa Rwanda ni yule alikuwa anaitwa mungai or something? Link to the doxing thread yake??

@Thiem was the mastermind

I am truly humbled to be recognized in this mega ultra valuable thread.

when i first joined this site so many people were rude particularly some rude guy calling himself @uwesmake

since my husband is in the deep state he managed to track this @uwesmake guy he works at a mall and always wears a white labcoat and he is bald

Na gio

Uwesmakende the stupid Bukusu lives in Kawangware pale section ya Congo. Huyo akikusumbua niambie tu.

[SIZE=5]I am eagerly waiting for conman @Agwambo to cross the line with his insults so that I can EXPOSE the illiterate Buru Buru dweller.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Let me begin with his MPARARO hands![/SIZE]


Achana na @uwesfaggot. 99% of what he talks about ni ushoga na kutusi mama za watu. The other 1% is saying musoori to land whales pale sex and relationship section.

@Agwambo thinks he’s classy but in reality he’s just ashy

@kungu the pailot alidunda na ndege ama vipi

Hata thermal image ya left thigh ama deep state hakuna …mama.

@Mshutaji Hodari alijaribu kuosha elders na picha ya Manze fulani kutoka Facebook and the dude forgot to crop out his profile picture.


Hata nilikua nimesahau. He was one ugly buck toothed fellow.

Guka Fiund Marshall was also exposed pale fossils village but that is a story for another day

Is that a banana? Like dude seriuosly wtf is this? You have self esteem issues or what? Or do you generally have a small dick??

Ati Nini?:D:D

Umesahau @1824