Murang’a women rep (Sabina Chege) has proposed a bill making payment of dowry illegal saying it belittles young girls and ladies


Apewe vikombe mbili za uji ntalipa.

I support this bill 100%.

thats bull. mahari iripwe



African culture BS hiyo bill haitapita ningekuwa mjumbe I would support it kabisa.

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MP’s have much more useless things to do like fight each other across party and tribal lines, especially in an election year

Exchange of gifts is an age old tradition across the globe. What the bill should do is remove dowry as a condition that qualifies a marriage to be official in the customary set up. That as long as both families have sat down then the threshold has been met

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some parents have turned this into a business how do u expect a guy in late 20s or early 30s on average income (20-40k)pm to pay a million and still provide for your daughter

Enyewe tumefinyiliwa for long but again, kupewa bure sio poa.

Turudishe mkono sio kulipishwa.

This is a waste of time and resources…and extremely difficult to implement just like the ban on Harambees. Might even be unconstitutional.

but shiny eyes wataumia dowry for a shiny eyed girl is 100 goats one goat is 6,000 to 10,000 thats 600k to 1m .Meaning they will lose all this money

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Nobody gives a f*ck about the boy child.

Very true na maendeleo ya wanaume wamelala kwa kazi

Too many unnecessary bills in 254.

Hapo I support Sabina Chege 100%. These in-laws especially from Central Kenya are too greedy. I went to visit my wife’s place for the first time, ile kujuana tu…I tell you I was not being allowed to breathe. Ati ohhh, sijui nini. Sijui lazima ulipe nini. Yet ni first day and we had told them tunaenda tu kujuana before beginning the official dowry process. Mark you, I had taken their daughter from the village after her uncle in Nairobi refused to educate her (she is an Orphan). Nikajitolea nikampeleka shule tu roho safi. So in the course of her schooling, my mum urged me sana twende tukajue kwa kina msichana and so I went. I was 24 years then, I had a burden of educating their daughter because I wanted her to become a woman of substance but the greediness in some of her uncles and neighbors (who never wanted to educate her in the first place) was what shocked me.

pole kaka

Zalisha mtu kwanza, dowry negotiations later!!!depreciation value ukuwa 200%