Downtown Nairobi.. malaya wamekaukiwa..

… sema kukaukiwa … huyo mwenye ako na dress ya black is in deep thought…


Hii ndiyo real thread ya lanyes sasa. Mboto ndio kusema. I’ll also post mine.

When did you take this pic ?

Thought uliwachana na lanye in your last emotional thread, ama you were just suffering from withdrawal symptoms after one of the lanye arrangements went sour?

Hii section yao wamekanyaga cabro ikaisha


Lemme see him swallowing the bait

aliokota huko mukuru. Saw this pic almost a week ago.

Admin pin this post

What does having lanyes pics got to do with sleeping with them? Udaku achia Edgar wa Mabare

I’m seeing more standing in line ahead. Hawa wote ni mapoko?! You mean I can finally have an orgy with 5k?:D:D

Hiyo baze simu itaenda. Lots of hard criminals hapo. Utapigwa ngeta mchana. Simu ikae mfukoni in such places.

More of this never know where salvation will get you.

My shop is around that area and I can confirm to you that no thug can try any nonsense in this route mchana. So many undercover cops. Wezi wanajua hii

I was almost robbed hapo.


Huyo wa black dress ndio ako palatable though postwall

@vic posted this here days ago, @Mpenda is looking for attention or trolling

Kunguru wanauza mchana - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

hii location ni gani?