Downloading Videos and Songs

Kama uko na ubuntu use youtube-dl kwa terminal . I have a ultra small pc (uses 25 watts max) with intel atom ,2gb ram and 1TB hard drive for all downloads. I queue the downloads .

To download a video as mp3 file, you can use one of the following commands:

youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 https://link to video

If you want to have a cover art for the mp3 file, you can add the --embed-thumbnail option:

In that case the command will look like this:

youtube-dl -x --embed-thumbnail --audio-format mp3 https://link to video

Check more tricks hapa

It depends on what download manager you want for Windows or for Mac Os. However, I can advise you to use a download manager from , it works perfectly and it can help you to download these files without problems. With its help, I downloaded thousands of files, programs, games, and many others. It works faster than normal download and it solves all the problems which appear in that time of downloading. Many of my friends are happy to use this manager because they aren’t experts in computers and it is a great help for them.