download movies on YouTube

How do I download movies from YouTube. Advise please.

It is impossible

i, being a fan, i can’t relate so am fucking off…

copy the YouTube video link you want to download and paste in

on a serious note, unless you’re looking for those 1980’s Wu tang shaolin movies, why can’t you use torrents or other site like my favorite , to get links of the movies and download them using idm?


Person, I dont know.


Hauwes saidiwa apo

Go to that movie copy paste link to where you can choose the quality from 1080p to 4k

but why?
there are better avenues than that…

Wachana na YouTube


YouTube is only for music videos, tutorials anf trailers, movies we have million of sites

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Boss Kama unaweza access YouTube basi unaweza ingia torrents where unaweza pata better quality

type SS in the address bar, just before the name of the movie you want to download

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kumbe ata wewe ni blonde… the ss is typed before the ‘y’ in YouTube and after the ‘.’ or magic between ‘you’ and ‘tube’

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wacha hate speech, I know what am talking about despite being juu ya legend.

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tube mate works the magic for me…

Kuna ss unaeeka mahali flani kwa url. Kama ni phone use snaptube.

It is very straight forward, it depends which browser you are using - add the download “extension” or “addon” and the download button will appear on the browser or below the video as below.

Ama by movie anamaanisha video? Kama ile movie mpya ya kaligraph na tunji