Download Free Web Developmemt/Programming Ebooks

Do you want to learn website development and programming? Then here’s a very good start for you.

Download these free but premium web development and programming e-books. You’ll learn how to build professional websites and web applications from scratch to advance level.

I’m currently working on my video tutorials on programming. I’ll share the videos here when I’m done.

Start reading from HTML5 & CSS3 First edition before the second edition and then JavaScript before PHP/MySQL book.

I’m always on WhatsApp for live tutoring: +2348063668067

hizi mtu analearn youtube
i learned most of python on youtube

Most videos will not teach the real fundamentals. Most videos jump to the main point hence you’ll have a shaking foundation if you don’t read books.

videos teach practicals, theoretical aspects ni ya watu professionals i learn programming because of fun and a few things i need to develop

Learning programming for fun implies that you aren’t a serious programmer with a clear vision.

exactly, just learning for the sake, when i wanted to develop a website i had to learn
now i want develop an app i am learning new things again

Programming doesn’t have to be something for the serious programmers only, some just learn it to grasp the fundamentals only since that’s enough for the task at hand for them

Okay, then kindly allow the serious and career programmers to download and read the books.

serious programmers still use videos.

Yes. But not like the ones who just jump in to get some points.

Try and understand me clearly. Thanks

Admin w hat happened to those e-books?

Why did you remove them?

Don’t you understand the meaning of copyrighted contents. The books were upload for free download and not for sale or commercial use. So restore the contents now!

Have you ever heard of moocs even MIT have one… I still use e-books and pdf to clarify some concepts.

Where are these books?

Kindly inform the admin to restore it. That book is allowed to be shared for personal use but not commercial purpose or contact me via my WhatsApp so I may forward it to you. +2348063668067

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Is that an abuse or what?
Is the forum only for Kenyans? Or is technology discussion only for Kenyans?

That’s why Africa still have a long way to go in development. Dark mentality just like your skin.

Inaitwa kwnyatalk. @admin peleka hii ghasia Siberia

Send them to my DM.

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