Down with Hustler Nation

“After Covid 19, we must start a campaign against “Hustler Nation” nonsense. Kenyans must be allowed to vote based on candidates’ ideologies and not their rich/poor backgrounds. Hailing from a poor background is not a qualification to presidential elections.”
Don’t play with kenyans using useless and baseless slogans.
‘‘This time round Kenya needs a servant leader Not a PR leader’’

-Mwalimu Abduba Dida-

who denies them the right to vote for ideologies instead of background?

My sweetheart, my only BEAN in my githeri…did you really mean Down? Or DONE?
See, am DONE with this shiet of a BILLIONAIRE calling himself HUSTLER… na sitaki makasiriko eti ndio tukosane na wewe

I’ve never been down with Hustler I don’t know what Kindiki saw in him. Down, down, down with Hustler Nation.

Am even more confused babe