Double Trouble

I know some of you have worked for those outfits where the workforce comprises largely of relatives and a few outsiders who bribed their way through.
In these organizations, there’s no promotion on merit but how long you’ve been working and who is your godfather.
These places are always full of snitches and backstabbing is the norm.

Furthermore, the manager wields so much power and his authority is unquestioned. His word is law. If he refers you to the Hr, your goose is cooked, no disciplinary hearing or work ethic procedure. You’re gone just like that. No Union(cotu), maybe you sue them but remember its a family business and you understand the judiciary system in Kenya, No Money, No Justice!

There’s a time I was working for such an organization. The job was so draining, we clocked in at eight and left after nine, that’s thirteen straight hours. There were no weekly off duties but two days per month and you had no luxury of choosing which day you wanted. The manager chose for you, guess if you were not in his good books. Utaenda off on 23rd and 24th without any money to spend so you end up rotting in the house watching TV. You can’t chase pussy empty handed you know.
Let’s leave this here for another day.

In my department, we were four guys. We were given a target to achieve which we managed and emerged the best overall countrywide. We were to be rewarded by our suppliers and this reward was to be strictly for the four of us and the management.
Since most of the manager’s right hand men were not in this category, he decided that we were going to share the reward with everybody, a matter which we didn’t take lightly.

So when the money came, it was handed to one of us, I heard it was a hundred k. The person who brought the money didn’t tell the manager but gave it to one of the guys in our department, he just came like he was passing by to check how work was going. We didn’t expect him to bring the cash coz he was a junior and we knew the money would have been taken to the manager’s office anyway.

The dude given the money ended up pocketing the whole amount and keeping quiet. We didn’t even suspect anything. We continued waiting for the money, very patiently not knowing the idiot had spent the whole amount.

This guy was a liberal Corinthian, those who don’t wear turbans. At first he was very religious and reserved when he was brought.
With money flowing and guys socialising only at night due to working late, he succumbed to peer pressure, started drinking, attending house parties and ended up marrying a single mother.
They used to go out drinking as a couple with friends and sometimes ended up spending the nights separately after one too many.

There’s a day I had gone for an away match somewhere so I was returning home around five in the morning ndio watu wasinione. My chic was leading me to the road when I met this dude’s wife with another guy, also from an away game.
Unfortunately, my chic was also my colleague and that kunguru knew both of us. You know the hours we were spending at work meant we had to zero graze and maybe uangukie client.
Hata hatukusalimiana, imagine the guilt.

The kunguru went home, told her husband that she saw us, as if what we saw her doing was justifiable. Wacha jamaa akuje job na mdomo.
By ten o’clock, everybody knew of our affair. My chic decided she was not going to take that bs and told the Corinthian guy that his wife was also coming from a guy in her neighborhood. I liked the reaction. It stung him!
Kumbe, she had been banging the guy for quite a while. She had told her husband that she was going out for a sip with her girlfriends so he was left home to look after the kid(not his).

I don’t know what happened in that house that night but the following day by nine, kunguru was at our work place, half naked, dusty(I guess she trekked) with her equally dirty baby by her side screaming obscenities.
She was demanding to see the manager.

She revealed that her husband had duped us over a hundred thousand meant for our reward and that he had been stealing from the company. The bitch said so many things and caught the attention of everybody. She spilled the affairs of the company staff, some of which I didn’t even know of.
It was so shameful, I was literally shaking and sweating. The guy had been feeding his kunguru wife with workplace gossip and so many guys were mentioned. Imagine the feeling.

She was whisked away to the manager’s office, calmed down and given something to drink as wazee wa kambi wakaitwa waskize kesi.
Guess I was one of them and the youngest among them. I couldn’t even talk, I don’t even know why they chose me to be there in the first place.
The guy was summoned and admitted to many of the accusations.

Guess what, he was pardoned but demoted to a cleaner with a pay cut.
He chased away that kunguru but not before she caused so much drama and had him locked in a cell for a night.

We missed that money just like that and there was nothing we could do about it.

Hehe watu ku misappropriate prize money and valuables is not nothing new hata uncle ya @vuja de ek alihepa na TV’s zenye zilikua meant for akina bonface Mwangi wakati wa journalism award!!! Moving on Kuna a jilted kunguru aliwahi kuja kambi wakiwa wamekosana na chali yake amongst the many “allegations” she made was that alikua anavuta bangi…now those who know disciplined forces is that we lead by example and we don’t do drugs and weed! Hehe ukishikwa na fangi hio ni one way ticket to kwenyu funyula!! Uzuri is that our company sergeant major alimfikia before the stupid bitch aingie kwa mdosi !!! These whores ain’t loyal mayne!!!

Yaani kunguru anataka ufutwe job:mad:

And many have succeeded

Unasema nini?? Wacha nitembee pale MKZ nikuletee screenshots za vitu kunguru hufanyia bf wao ndo utajua shetani anaishi ndani ya wanawake

A friend alichotea soja kwa gate alafu soja naye akaita wenzake wa ile pickup ya patroll waka come waka whisk kunguru away hadi to the nearest station.
Management walikua na hard time kulazimisha jamaa aongee…

Nice hekaya. Turns and twists. Well narated!

Office politics are very toxic.

Bril’ hekaya as usual. A*. You always manage to capture v many activities at the same time. I think there is another hekaya you have not completed unless I missed it?

Three years ago my immediate supervisor was brought a kid in the workplace. The lady was flanked by her mother. Apparently, the supervisor had promised her marriage but after kamshara kuongezeka he ducked. He chased away the lady, wife at the time although come we stay. He called me to give him advice on how to deal with the crying kid. We even began looking for tips on Google. After a while he took the kid to up country. But the lady never caused drama

Working in an environment that toxic is very demoralizing. Asubuhi inafika unashindwa unaenda wapi

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@Nyarwath hekaya zako huwa always on point.

Which one, remind me if you don’t mind.

Simple rule I uphold at work;
Say no to flicks and chicks

Second rule ;side dishes shouldnt know your place of work.

3when a chic knows your pay cut;Youre done

It was one to do with some traditional ceremony. Wacha niitafute. You were to come back and tell us what happened…

This one. Maybe I missed the continuation???

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Oh come on…
Some of your guys, unfortunately, deserve what’s coming to them…I know you know that.

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Oh come on…
Some of your guys, unfortunately, deserve what’s coming to them…I know you know that.
Leta hekaya[/QUOTE]

ghassia nunua bundles

What can we say we like living on the edge and today as if it was your last day