Double decker buses

Ni wangapi wanakumbuka zile bus za double decker? Those buses were amazing.

Amazing in what way?
Capacity, speed, height, comfort or what?

Kabisa, there were even some going all the way to Kakamega. Stage couch. They should be reintroduced in Nairobi. Let all matatus entering CBD use them. The rest to terminate outside town. They were comfortable, spacious and safer. Hakuna kupanda pavement or speeding.

good o’l days

Comfort and capacity, although they were not fast

That’s a good idea

itumbe ngoja kidogo makanika @introvert anakuja na ile tata yake ya osungu.dll ata amebadilisha viti juzi akaweka couch…

they can only be introduced when we have sober drivers otherwise if its the usual routine of extreme high daily targets to the drivers by the owners/Sacco and rush to make more money you can imagine the fatalities rate considering the number of passengers would be higher if they are used for long distance routes but town service that would work very well especially in Nairobi

the modern ones are very fast and comfortable(very well made) I’ve used them several times between dxb and shj and you just enjoy the drive.

These buses are very active in the UK.

Huyu nimemweka category moja na @kasaman .
Wananipatia high blood pressure.

Ngojea mekanika

Ndo huyo mwingine hapo juu

wamekuwa kama ile handle ingine ya @Abba ilisomea NYS engrich tulilemea mpaka ikahepa ION sikujua ku TERMINATE ni gari kuenda kwa station , @spear amenifunza leo ahsande .

Wewe ni ng’ombe ulifikiria kuTERMINATE ni kukula chiswa?

Bumbavu la shimo la tewa, what are you talking about? Umenyorea poko leo? handle Gani?

mimi nilijua tu Terminator ule komando schuosnika

mteso wacha kuhepa story rudisha ile handle ya NYS

I was in NYS in the 80s yes but I have never expressed that except juzi when I was talking about SM Otieno. pre-ejaculated spermatozoans zinakusumbua leo. Nipe number ya mama clinchy

Clichy , sema Clichy the best ever Arsenal leftback after Ashley Cole and the best ever Mancity left back