Doreen Gatwiri - Osheni mecho

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Mbona haunge rusha huku
Ni juu ya likes ama kimbelembele?

Nothing to write home about.

too much make up,huyu akirushwa swimming pool inakua cappuccino

Just a basic bish. Toa weave, makeup, fake eyebrows, na filters za camera all is left a Basic puthy.

Ni kimbelembele…Kwani nakula likes PUGA

She is not all that.

Enyewe one man’s meat is another man’s poison

inakaa kama dolly, very artificial MAMA

mwagilia uso maji tuone kama hatakaa hivi

:D:D:D acha za ovyo

He he he!
Atakuwa handsome!

need more meat on those bones,

Hio iko na man face strong

All you peasants would still creampie that vagina given the chance… Wacheni umeffi



And a cold one at that.
Man, don’t I hate cold puthy!

Still just a kunguru…