Doomsday survival shelter


Hii iko sawa Sana . Am planning on having one to stash my shieeeeeet

What sense does it make surviving as three adult men alone. Given you are the only ones surviving in a radius of 1000s of kilometres.

Swafe sana.

I am sure that ten people can fit there in case of an apocalyptic event.

Shifo hapo una survie unajipata uko solo dunia hii kama Adam. Labda you survive ukiwa na msupa, hapo mnaanza maisha kama Adam and Eve. Sasa shida kuu ni una survive, wewe na beste yako mujamaa, muna zeeka munasonga na dunia inaisha…:D:D Hata heri tu kusonga na everyone else.

You’re such a pessimist!

Hehe, it’s the truth unless they conceive spiritually. It’d be the end of mankind.

The world has too many people for it to be wiped out easily. I believe some 20 or so people would cheat death in a catastrophic event, and carry on, where @ChifuMbitika would be the new Adam:D
The real trouble is the others might all be women, and it would be a nightmare existence for the rest of his life.

It would be quite a thrilling experience. Having to Shag twenty women day and night in order to repopulate the world

Hehe, thrilling indeed.Try living with just two in the same house, you’ll understand

I have three but they live separately

Ya’ll scared of death aah! … Its coming one way or the other. Either way … its inevitable.

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” ~ Mark Twain

  • We were dead before, we were born.

Hapo chief tunakumbaliana , but before I die I have to cause enough pandemonium ,given the opportunity I would annihilate half of the globe for my amusement , death brings some hidden happiness

why survive when you can simply die and be done with it all?

You wonder whats the purpose of life. Unakuja unataabika unatoka

To ensure continuity of the human race

So every surviving child that starves to death will be your responsibility or failure… Nuclear fallout si something you want to live through

Who wants to?

That selfish.why bring another human being to suffer the way you did