Don't worry, She is Now Reformed and Ready to Accept an In-House Carer and Payer of Bills

The wall is real

Ati twice? Errr… Hapana.

It’s something that kills her … it does!
What would the foetuses she aborted say?

To the power of 2 is what she means.

Aborted twice means dryfried 200 times by 10 different men. Kuharibia she is over 30, how broken can one person really be?

If they decide to open up, mtashangaa.

bibi za watu wakifungua roho wanaume watafaint…kuna wenye wanaabort hadi kwa marriage

Hehehe noma

kunguru sugu


Damaged goods.

That’s what you call a broken pussy.

Huyu ameabort at least 6 times. Multiply the number by 3 na hiyo ni minimum.