Don't upgrade a man says Anerlise

Mama Nyaguthie says take what you can get and upgrade. Who is right?


Mama Nyaguthie.

Mama Nyaguthie is taking the pragmatic route.

Generally, high class men are hard to find.

Which is why high class women can’t afford to set standards on their peers since to these high class men, dating down is very normal - even preferred.

A CEO of a bluechip company can comfortably procreate with the house maid or secretary and every woman knows this.

Note… I am using the word high class and low class in the context of financial ability and education achievements. Not in the sense of diminishing someone’s dignity as a human being.

wanamke akikupea ata ten bob atishi kukuimbia wimbo ni kama ulimwibia. Never accept help from a woman, it always comes with strings attached. Sasa ben paul ataharibiwa jina kenya mzima. Attabiwa kila kitu ako nayo alipewa na anerlisa. Women have no shame when they decide to spill your beans.

:smiley:You don’t say…do you? KTalk men are here camped all day long spinning coined, imagined and real stories about the women who have ever had the misfortune of being in their real lives…
Some even drag piks from the mnetty just to ruin those women’s reputation.
Wewe wacha jokes.

These men are after their money, men are hypergamous and gold diggers. Taking loans for men is the in thing nowadays. Men know how to use and manipulate women.

Generally women are screwed . Men are men and its a man’s world. Princess Diana was married to a prince. He married the mbotch but she had to die for loving another man. A wealthy man. Alot of high class women have tried upgrading their chimps hoping to live happily ever after. The men used them and later eloped with women they could provide for. You can’t feel like a man if you don’t provide. That’s why they go for secretary and house helps.

Role reversal has ruined black American men. They are either gey, in jail or dead or hooked on drugs. All the government had to do was displace them as providers via welfare.

There’s a way God created human beings. Men to provide and protect, women to nurture. We cannot change that even if we wanted to, even if we tried. Especially when it comes to the chimpanzee population. A poor white man has status to make up for the dent in his pocket.

Too bad Anerlise baby sister did not live to tell. She had even bought the love of her life a speedboat, employed his relatives and given him millions . Lali was ‘loving’ all the way to the bank. Love is a losing game. Especially when you are upgrading a man to love you. Or marry you.

You have quoted two examples. In my neighborhood street growing up ( 10 houses) , all the women took what the got and upgraded together. Very successfully. Maybe one or two common issues. Mama Nyaguthie beats you by 8:2 in my case.
Bottom line is you can’t use exceptions to explain issues. Anerlise Lali we’re just living their hippie life probably not caring about money. If you had experienced a rich life, you would understand these things. Your mind is too convoluted with money.

Woooooow…what do you mean by rich life and ‘these things’? Lali took advantage of a vulnerable rich girl.:mad:

You’re wasting your time arguing with walls

I agree with all you say apart from the last sentence. Some of the white men are also trash. I have read many stories about white criminals on the run hiding in Africa and masquerading as rich men. I have also heard about white men living on welfare in Africa…woooi never be misguided by the colour of their v ugly skin.
I watched a video on JD about this old British geezer who now resides in Kenya with his v beautiful young Kenyan wife. She was 20 and he was 58 when they met. She is now 28 and he is in his 60s.

What struck me is that this dude left the UK many years ago and settled in the USA before finding his way to Kenya where they live in a far flung remote area…sikumbuki. He has never visited the UK since he left yonks ago and has never even tembezad his young wife to any of the 2 countries yet he holds dual nationality? mmmmmh he sounds like a fugitive to me…

I will overlook the insult. And even quote the Bible. Money answers all things. A wealthy man has many friends but a poor man is despised by his own family. Even the Bible is convulsed with money.

I am giving you examples in the limelight but I know too many women being used by men. The rich life I haven’t lived according to you shelters people especially women who naturally are giving and nurturing from the harsh realities of life.

A woman thinks that I can fall in love with a man take him to Paris, living the rich life together. Unfortunately the man ends up feeling emasculated even if he loved you genuinely. The other thing is that when you are a wealthy woman there’s always men who want to use you to climb the ladder. That’s a fact and in Kenya men are now openly gold diggers in fact they are proud of it and it’s becoming a condition for marriage that a woman have money, good job, acess to loans etc. Even as an older woman I meet such men usually alot younger who consider me a jackpot and I have to avoid them because I know what they are after.

Now let’s differentiate two things here. A woman upgrading a man and marrying your equal and upgrading together. Usually the man doing most of the upgrading of the family since it’s his family and a woman is just a helper.

I don’t know where you grew up but for me wherever I grew up and lived I have not seen women upgrade men and the ones who did it lived to regret it. Every case. No exceptions.

I am living a pretty good life by Kenyan standards I can’t complain God has been good to me but what I will not do is allow anyone especially a man to use me. If you have a lower status I have no time and energy to come and upgrade you so that you can become a suitable mate. I am not a rehabilitation or upgrade center. Unapologetically. I have lived a rich enough life to understand that I deserve better than being used by men who have nothing to offer me. I can live without men but I can’t live without the dignity God gave me as a woman. To be well taken care of if I am in a relationship with a man. To know my worth and never settle for anything less bcz I am buying love or marriage. It does not reflect the dignity of God for a woman to be the one providing for the man.

What I mean is that White men have a higher social status than black men. Society is hierarchical whether we like it or not. So their higher social status in society can make up for their lack of wealth. That’s not the case with the black man.

There was no insult. Sometimes a mans career can go off to a slow start. And it can stay that way for years. So is that a criterion for a woman to reject. By your standards, you get to Chief Accountant while he is still Teacher level 1, you walk. Or never give him a chance. I think that’s what mama Nyaguthie is covering. Ambition. She guy doesn’t have it now, but even if she skumias him a loan or two, he will take them places.
A rich man can have more friends but are they are only friends as long as he has money. Let him find himself moving from Loresho to Kayole and see if he maintains the same relationships.

Women are not wired to provide for men.
It’s just nature, and you can’t disobey it.

If your wife upgrades you financially, she will never really submit to you.

Benpol amemwaga mtama pia vile kuma ya huyo dem inanuka

Why do I get the sense that I’m being discussed? :smiley: But I wonder, did Lali obtain a clean A in kcse or first class honors in Eng? It’s crucial to paint the whole picture so that people don’t say they were misadvised. But above all, I maintain that friendship is the key. You really have to gel at the soul-level with the most important person in your life. Everything else is secondary. Immigrants from all over the world flock to America because it’s a country where you can be anything you want. This is not shithole Kenya where upward mobility is non existent. Kwanza as a black man, in this #woke era, America is literally your oyster with companies fighting for your talent, if you remain focused.

Why are you apologising? You don’t believe your statement?