Dont these Talks

amount to OKOA KENYA?
Is there a legitimate way of overhauling the current electoral process without going to a referendum?
I have a feeling that the talks and okoa kenya are one and the same thing because I dont understand how one can ammend something that is well protected by the constitution for well known reasons within regular parliament sittings. And if that can be done, what is the reason for having a constitution anyway. We can always have Mpigs sit there and write everything down in their semi educated debates.

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I am

Hapo hata mimi nimekanganyika

hehehehehehehehehe. Indeed most mps are not educated much as they went to school. kazi kupanua tu mdomo kuonesha magego!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; the constitution is not cast in stone. Even advanced economies amend theirs now and again.

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