Don't Rush - Couples Edition

Tucker Tucker

creativity at its best…reeemix

am i the only one?i can tell their sex lives just by looking

The before or after pictures?

The moment you let your woman drag you into these female-centric online challenges, wewe jua tu umeanza kukaa meffi in her eyes

thhe only dude who seems to get some sort of respect from his woman is the one in the couple that comes last in the video. Hawa wengine wanakaa tu the typical betas that don’t get respect from the women they date. Kwanza hiyo couple ya pili huyo jamaa amepata the classic hair whip:D:D:D

Have you seen the don’t rush challenge for doctors? There’s one for male doctors so I don’t know why you think it’s gynocentric. Ubaya wako everything is just a war of the sexes and about alfa beta omega. It’s like you’re obsessed but that is what cults do they make you have a one track mind not an open mind. You need to leave that mgtow cult for your own good. Being in a marriage doesn’t make a man beta. Your parents are married. So was your dad a beta? Well that’s what mgtow teaches.

Here’s the Kenyan men’s one, are these guys beta or dragged into it by a woman? You have lost objectivity thx to joining a cult.

My dad is married and I’ve never seen any beta traits in him. But then again, my parents are from a different generation when women respected their men. Today’s woman is not worth that kind of commitment. They hate men and see us only as tools or ATMs. Kama wewe kapondi na hiyo bile yako, do you think you’re worth any man’s life-long commitment?

Bile gani? Wewe ndio unajua niko na bile. Ask any man who knows me IRL, I am as soft as a feather. Very courteous. I don’t argue with anyone. I get let off the hook by policemen all the time, men who do not know me from a can of paint, help me everywhere I go, even just my aura is very tender that’s why I get help from men all the time. Even my neighbors and I don’t even ask. On ktalk we are not in a relationship or even acquaintances so I can’t be soft. Here it’s all about one upmanship and by your own admission, I am the bile.Do you think that if I lived in a house I didn’t pay a cent for or drive cars I don’t pay for, maintain or fuel, courtesy of you, I’d talk to you like this? Duh! So it depends on the value of the man. If you are low value of course I will talk to you like you ain’t shit bcz you add zero value to my life. You don’t pay my bills. You don’t do anything for me. And then you have the temerity to demand respect just for having a penis, an adams apple and a beard? Even my watchman has those parts.

About who is worth a life long commitment, it’s the woman who decides and chooses even in the animal kingdom , there have been men who have offered me life long commitment and I declined the offer when I did my cost benefit analysis I would be the one getting the short end of the stick because the way I see it, it’s me putting in most of the work. I am the one to cook, clean, pop carcinogenic birth ctrl pills to give a man raw sex, yet women cum only 10% of the time. I carry pregnancies, almost die giving birth, breastfeed, and on and on. You catch my drift. Unless a man is bringing ALOT to the table. It’s not worth the woman getting herself involved with a man bcz the commitment for the man is like that of a chicken which lays an egg while that of the woman is like that of the pig which must die to contribute bacon or sausages. So both contribute to breakfast but one must sacrifice their life. I don’t look at my worth because it’s a given. Even the worst woman has great value. Enough value for any man to be humbled by the privilege of HER COMMITMENT TO HIM. So don’t get it twisted. No man has been worthy of my commitment. Is what it is.

seurity commitment and love in addition to respect have a lot of weight!