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I don’t know how many are interested in such, but I will post:
Pictures are courtesy of pinterest and some other sites.
A few hours ago people attacked Paris and killed about 150 people as at this moment. We have experienced the same here severally due to fanaticism. it certainly feels as if the society is collapsing or about to go into a major crisis. But we tend to forget that it is human nature to kill and maim. It has never at one moment stopped and there is no end to it as far as a realistic man/woman can see. That’s the human condition. I might want to demonstrate that it is not exclusive to Muslims or Arabs for that matter despite the fact that I DON’T LIKE THEM ARABS.
In fact in history, recent history, the western Caucasoid has shown unparalleled propensity for cruelty in addition to being immensely creative and industrious. In the far east, the mongoloids(or whatever you want to call them) have demonstrated their capacity in brutality. It is not that we black Africans do not have our skeletons, but we have little pictorial or written memory of the past. The human is not a good being as he perceives himself. The following few selected mild pictures are a testament to the warped human psyche.

On 28 june 1914 Gavrilo Princip, an ordinary joe, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, directly starting the First world war, and by extension, the events that would lead to the Second world War, and later, the cold war. How one random guy can alter history of humanity!! Most of the following is an account of German and Japanese attitudes towards human life in the second world war. Others are random depictions.

In implementing the final solution to the Jewish question, the German government gathered Jews from all over Europe and tried to delete them. Included were ethnic poles, blacks, soviet POWs, Jehovah’s witnesses the handicapped, and other undesirables. They were young and old, female and male and of all walks of life. An so a few of the scenes looked like this.

After rounding up and registration, people were transported by trains to concentration camps where they would be executed in the next two or three hours in their thousands.

A naked crowd at Auschwitz waiting execution after arrival:

After gassing they would be cremated in ovens like the ones below. These ovens could “process” thousands per hour. The ovens shown were abandoned by SS at Majdanek(read Maidanek) concentration camp because the red army was quickly advancing. The heap at the foreground was a vain attempt to conceal the evidence of the day’s work from the would be occupiers. The tried to burn the bodies using conventional fire.


When the red army got to majdanek the first thing most of the battle hardened soldiers did was retch(puke)
Red army men marveling at ashes from “processing” in a heap:


Retreating whermacht(read veamaxt) and SS(schutzstaffel) were pushed so fast that they often took off and left their last attempts at murdering and erasing all camp prisoners unaccomplished. Open mass graves like these below were found at every camp

At nordhausen:

At another place:

And another one:

At camps, children, the old and most other people were killed immediately. The rest were worked and starved to death . Doctors were necessary to do a quick selection. Below is Doctor Fritz Klein inspecting some of his selection in their final resting place after “processing”:


Two SS officer carefully preparing to dutifully and neatly “process” a child. Note the garment on the right side of the child meant to stop the kid’s brains from staining his precious elite officer’s uniform:

A wagon of “processed” individuals left unattended by retreating German forces at Buchenwald(read bukenvald):


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si Tommy Hilfiger alishonea hao wasee uniform kali kali




si wafunge hio kampuni, SS , naskia walikuwa fiam sana

Nice history,adolf was not alone,he had foot soldiers who were worse,but what is sexual here?

it was Hugo Boss not Hilfiger

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This category is where I would get the “explicit label”

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Hugo boss. Hugo was a decorated nazi party member.
BTW deteroriation of quality in all manufacturing industries due to extreme price competition and disregard for moral values. You can never get such quality anywhere today.

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