Don't Get in People's Faces



Mwanaume kuargue na mwanamuke is as useless as the rest of the letters in the word “Queue”.Avae sketi tu kwa sasa ama aingie ring apambane na dume

That woman is strong. A clean hook to the jaw from someone twice her size and she is standing. Anyway, in Dubai metro women and children have their own compartment separate from men, I can see why it is so important.

Ghasia hii bado naona posts zako…bado unanyesha? …

Yes it’s very very important coz women can’t keep their mouth shut and only a right hook would do…kapooww!!

Women belong to the kitchen.

Pow! Right in the kisser.

Lakini bystanders are just too cold.
It’s like they are zombies.
Wrong in all fronts.

Kind of like how you handle @T.Vercetti.

He pushed the lady’s face with his fist, hiyo ata sio ngumi.

Tupewe back story ndio we make an informed decision. Feminazi’s and these tu entitled womens sometimes deserve worse.

Kinda like how you handle the technology section of this forum. A talker can post nudes in that section but as a moderator, you will not even be bothered to delete the thread. :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

Nimeona watu wengi UFC wanaguzwa hivyo na ni K.O

Za UFC huwa nzito…huyu mama ameskumwa na ngumi tu.

Lol atī clean hook. That was a soft hook. The guy was considerate, at least. He knew he was dealing with a frail girl. Kudos to him for just that

umbwaaaaaaa hawa watu walitesa ancestors wetu wacha wapate revenge kiasi

That’s her boyfriend behind her btw

And how does that affect you directly? Was your ancestor a fighter,sympathizer ama mtu tu hivi hivi? How bad was it for him and his family?
Wazungu hawakujiestablish western,central was a place of choice,not even mombasa,huko ilikua adminstration ya juu juu. So kwa kifupi,tuliza njoti,your ancestors were never in the colonial mix.