Don't format using the latest Windows 10 ISO.

Best to update periodically from 2015 to latest. Also don’t update from 2015 to 1903 using the ISO. KMS activation fails even for Office. Some softwares fail to open and others crash while in use.
It’s just not stable as it is…

Have not encountered such with 1809

Speak for yourself. Your experience is not our experience

Insider Preview 18965.1000 na sina shida yeyote. Halafu tumia LibreOffice ama Office online since hutaki kulipia.

Hata GDocs ni free

On 1903 and the experience is smooth.

What is unforgivable about Microsoft was their deliberate sabotage in forcing desktop & laptop users with newer processor/chipset architectures like Kaby Lake to run Windows 10 by preventing the hugely successful Windows 7 from being installed on same. That move has probably forced more users with newer hardware to jump ship to Linux.

I have a customer who runs a shop on QuickBooks 9 POS on Windows 7 desktops and Windows Server 2008 R2. Everything runs smooth & reliable. So she goes and buys one of those new Pentium D AllInOne Lenovo systems that came with Windows 10 for a cashier setup, but the damn thing won’t run the Win7 installer. Lame, Microsoft, lame! :mad:

But I was able to install Windows 8.1 Pro along with the free Classic Shell so all is well. I’d still prefer Lucky Windows 7 though. :wink:
Heck, I’m done with Windows. It’s Linux all the way with VirtualBox running Windows Server 2003 configured as a super-fast WorkStation that only uses about 150MB of RAM, so I can run Office 2007 and a variety of Windows apps when the need arise…never any browsing or Internet over thar, and no antivirus running. Fast I tell ya…very fast!!

I also have a Windows 7 VM, but I only run it if the app won’t install in my customized Server 2003 “workstation” VM setup. You see, turning a Windows server into a workstation gives you a far more reliable desktop experience – provided that your app is not crippled to work only on a workstation version of Windows. The reason for this is quite simple: Microsoft does not do stupid updates like you get in the consumer workstation editions. We’re talking about servers here and big corporate customers would give them hell.

How to convert your Windows Server 2003…to a Workstation!

Using Windows Server 2008 as a SUPER workstation OS

Besides, I’m not a gamer, so running the latest Windows isn’t a priority for me. Instead, I mainly do web/app development while listening to my 25+ gigabytes of underground beats (not watered down commercial crap) from Electronic Dance Music’s (genres & subgenres like House, Dark Prog, Deep House, Progressive Trance, Tribal House, Classic Trance, Funky House, Psychedelic Trance) peak period between late 1990s-2010. This is my “escape” folks so Linux works well for me. :wink:

Why on earth would I need to install an OS that spies on me, updates whenever it feels like with loads of new bugs, and hogs 1.3GB of RAM at startup without running anything? Lame! Apple & Microsoft are killing the desktop experience with massive bloat.

Microsoft should force everyone to update to windows 10 or 8. You are greedy for advising your clients to stick with windows 7 when w7 support ends on January 14th 2020 which is a mere 4 months away. Once the support ends what do you want to do? have them pay you more to update their systems? How people like you get jobs really baffle me. Your fascination with old technology should be a red flag for anyone who would like to hire you because you will jeopardise their systems.

Now onto the hardware issue, Modern software are built with modern hardware in mind since most recent hardware are faster, better and more efficient in every way. It makes sense to support only new programs in them. Also, there is the issue of security, your old hardware is probably no longer supported so using it with newe software might lead to security issues.

Some experiments are fun to run on your own but dont tell other people especially clients to try them

Deorro, let me elaborate a bit because you make some wrongful assumptions about me, my friend. :slight_smile:

So you want Microsoft to “force everyone to update to windows 10” without thinking of the consequences of breaking their systems like QuickBooks user Joe Amador here?o_O

My computer updated to Windows 10, and QB opens fine and works great EXCEPT the email to send invoices. It won’t E-MAIL anymore. This is second time this has happened when computer updates itself to Windows 10. My computer guy set computer back to Windows 8 and that did work. But what an inconvenience.

That^^^ is borderline negligence, dude. So who’s “jeopardizing” their customers’ systems?

Please note that I only use Windows Server 2003 or Windows 7 configured as a secure workstation ([COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]no Internet but with only a few small Windows apps that I need since I run [SIZE=5]everything[/SIZE] else on the Linux side of things via the [I]highly acclaimed MX-Linux[/I]) for myself in a virtual machine because I know what I’m doing.

However, my older users currently running Windows 7 refuse to move to Windows 10. Why? Because it just works!

For them, they will be moved over to Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell which has support/updates until January 2023. By that time, we shall see how this bloated Windows 10+ spyware has transformed. But I suspect desktop Linux will have attracted millions upon millions of new users by then while KDE Plasma, XFCE, Cinnamon, Deepin and MATE desktops mature beyond belief. I think GNOME has lost its way - personal opinion. :)This will definitely be a disruptive moment for both Microsoft and Apple. Mark my words. :wink:
Therefore by January 2023, I will have moved all of my customers over to Linux because 4 years is a very long time in tech – unless Microsoft does an about face with its Windows 10+ malware.

First of all, I also have other passionate interests (hobbies) like fitness, herbal medicines (maurubaini/neem, moringa, medicinal mushrooms, ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, etc.), music, cooking, photography, travel, among others. Heck, I don’t own or watch TV because I find it’s a waste of my valuable time when I could be learning something new, socializing or just relaxing.

Due to the above, I demand that all of my IT systems (laptops, desktops, smartphones, etc.) for myself, friends & clients [SIZE=5]work[/SIZE] [SIZE=5]reliably[/SIZE]. Why?

[SIZE=5]Because I simply don’t have time to waste on[/SIZE]:
[li][SIZE=5]Flimsy or faulty or cheap substandard hardware[/SIZE]:[/li]I only buy rugged proven Lenovo ThinkPads or HP EliteBook laptops that are built for corporate use, and only use Dell OptiPlex, HP Elite series or Lenovo ThinkCentre hardware for solid reliable desktop/server performance).

[li][SIZE=5]Useless or buggy bloated overpriced softwares[/SIZE]: [/li]a. I’m looking at you Microsoft for wasting users [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]valuable time by shoving Windows 10 [B]malware[/B] down their throats! :mad:
b. I’m also looking at you Intuit for your “latest” buggy unreliable versions of QuickBooks POS and abysmal “customer service” record! :mad:
No worries though. You will soon be replaced with the remarkable uniCenta oPOS that is completely free but has paid support (if required), used in over 150 countries, has over 1 million downloads, yet runs on Linux, OSX & Windows. And for Accounting, you will be replaced with the completely free Dolibarr ERP/CRM that has been around since 2003, is highly regarded, and has reasonably priced addons for purchase in the DoliStore (if required).

Secondly, to insinuate that I am a “greedy” person after what I mentioned above is illogical. In fact, it is the latest crop of ICT “professionals” that are happy to subject their customers (even friends & family) to constant instability by carelessly pushing known buggy mainsteam tech like Windows 10 on their systems mainly because they conflate new with better. In many cases this is true. But not with Windows 10 vs Windows 7. This is my personal opinion as I have 20+ years in ICT to boldly back that statement up. If I were greedy, I would’ve happily upgraded all my clients to Windows 10 a long time ago. Wouldn’t I? :wink:

Finally, I have taught or promoted ICT (using/installing Windows/Linux, basics of programming in order to piques users’ interest, how to create websites in WordPress, etc.) to many users (kids, non-profits, SMBs) wherever in the world I travel for [SIZE=5]free[/SIZE] because I’m passionate about good, reliable tech so that people can do other things with their valuable time. Would you call that “greedy” or being a responsible global citizen?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

[SIZE=5]Criticism of Windows 10[/SIZE]
Criticism of Windows 10 - Wikipedia

[SIZE=5]Why Windows 10 Sucks or Everything Wrong with Microsoft Windows[/SIZE]
Why Windows 10 sucks or Everything Wrong with Microsoft Windows

[SIZE=5]Microsoft’s Software is Malware ([SIZE=5]GNU - Free Software Foundation[/SIZE])[/SIZE]
Microsoft's Software Is Malware - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

  1. your rebuttal was not based on the issues I raised. you instead wrote lots of shit that don’t even make sense. I talked about security and software compatibility. You are probably some kid who started using computers yesterday and now think they know everything.

  2. Highly aclaimed MX Linux? Really? I have never heard of it but I have heard of and used Ubuntu, Linux mint, Arch Linux, Manjaro, debian, elemetary os, deepin, tails, suse, parrot, kali… never heard or seen MX anywhere amongst the top or with a vibrant community

  3. QuickBooks is always updated to be compatible with new Windows versions and new hardware. You client needs to update it. Beta versions of OS exist before main releases to allow software devs to update their software to be compatible with new OS.

  4. since time immemorial people like you have been talking about how linux will finally overtake windows in the desktop environment. It has never happened. Normal consumers don’t care about how open-source Linux is.

Hizi ni basic shit any techie worth his/her salt knows. Like I said up there you will fuck up your “clients” with your ignorance and it’s going to cost them a lot.

You sound like a salty personality whom I have no desire to get into a pissing match with. So I will end with this last reply to you. Let’s avoid any more dialog in this particular thread since you & I don’t see eye to eye on how to conduct IT Support in regards to the colossal Windows 10 malware which you failed miserably to even refute any of the info by the Free Software Foundation. Lame!

In fact, it is I who doubt your IT credentials by wanting to blindly shove Windows 10 onto your users – perhaps so that you can probably charge them exorbitant fees for support when things ultimately FAIL. IT Support newbies like this because it puts money in their pocket.
This is @SparkMyke’s thread and I have said all that I need to say with valid links.

Ok, since you’ve heard of & used Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch, Manjaro just as I have, then you’d know that all of them except Debian sometimes have update issues (sometimes!). Ubuntu is based on Debian Unstable branch and Mint is based on Ubuntu. Meaning that sometimes updates can render your system unusable. It’s just the nature of the beast. Even if that is not the case, there are problems with the Ubuntu repositories which has made Mint and the many distros based on Ubuntu have a few bad releases in the past that has affected system stability. You SHOULD know this, but you sound like an amateur.

That’s why I use MX Linux, and the added bonus is that it’s systemd free. That’s probably why your mainstream Ubuntu-based distros are getting buggy. Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean shit to this IT professional who likes to think for himself. I did a 1 year ICT internship in Silicon Valley North (Ottawa, Canada) in grade 12 at Canada’s largest defence electronics company followed a few years later by a 16-month Industrial Internship at the Bank of Montreal in Toronto while studying Computer Science. This was immediately followed being a developer in the dotCom boom/bust cycle in the early 2000s using IIS/VB/ASP/Sybase Adaptive Server/SQL Server technologies.
If I sound and write a like a kid to you, then you are probably an IGNORANT fool. So believe whatever the hell you want to about me as I am not going to lose any sleep over your apparent ignorance.

Yes, QuickBooks is shit! Full stop. Did you even read some of those customer reviews about Intuit Support? Again, you appear to be a fraud.

I never said desktop Linux is going to overtake Windows. It is already a viable alternative. I said millions more users will undoubtedly come aboard by 2023 due to the direction Microsoft and Apple are moving on the desktop. Some countries and cities are seriously looking at moving to Linux in order to reduce expenses. If you doubt this, once again, you are an idiot.

Desktop Linux does not ever need to catch up to, or overtake Windows. It just needs to work better, be more efficient, and be more reliable which it is. Tell me, which OS dominates on the server? Eventually it will gradually pick up mobile users once KDE Plasma Mobile edition is ready for prime time. Nough said!

Anywho, you sound like the typical IT joker who probably has heard and used the desktop distros you mentioned above simply because that’s what everybody uses. It doesn’t mean they’re the best. Times change, but I doubt you read much because you seem to lack the ability to explore tech outside of what the mainstream is using. Tails, Parrot, Kali are great for pentesting, security & forensics. Good choices! But we’re talking desktop Linux here. Suse has gotten buggy, but you wouldn’t know that because you follower not a leader. If I’m wrong, prove it!
Sorry, but MX Linux is the new top dog especially for new users who are ready to abandon Windows 10 malware. Any serious Linux user can see that.

I beat to my own IT drum. We’re done here!


I think I know who you are. You are that talker who used to write long incoherent posts about Networking till when you got banned. Hii rebranding yako did not work juu software ya akili ni ile ile

Ok, how many KenyaTalk users in this thread agrees with me about bloated buggy Windows 10? And how many agree with the amateur, Deorro?

Go easy on our brothers and sisters who use Windows as their daily driver, not everybody is open for a change to “freedom”, personally it took me 6 years of dualbooting windows and linux before i ditched windows, but i will forever respect windows(windows xp to be precise) because it taught me computers but Linux gave me wings ti fly.

As a linux evangelist, i know linux is only a kernel, those Gnu utilities and desktop environment are just a matter of personal preference, so if you like MX linux you don’t have to discredit other linux distributions, personally i’ve been running vanilla Archlinux with a (i3wm and now dwm) for the last 7 years and i’ve never had major issues.

I’ve used more than 10 linux distributions and thing they each have their purpose.

Nobody is talking about which OS is better than the other, that’s your own personal opinion. Read the thread again to understand

sasa wewe tutasaidiana aje? i think you’ve confused me with @DukaLinux guy, because i was replying specifically to his comment and not the thread that’s why i quoted his comment. I never said Linux is better than Windows
I only had an issue when he referred to MX Linux as the top dog among Linux distributions(according to Distrowatch), and he seemed to wright off distributions using systemd …

I am running a Windows latest 1903 yet my original was from team os and office 2016 from just do some settings on automatic updates and windows believe my computer update settings is managed by some organisation as well as activation keys.