don't fall for this bullshit

Ukinyandua dame raw “don’t pretend you don’t”, then she starts claiming she is pregnant and goes ahead to suggest about aborting immediately “a red flag” and needs abortion cash, don’t fall for that shit, go there immediately and escort her to a clinic for a pg test.

saw this clip and realized how ninjas, due to the urgency ya kuingia karura, will start sending m-pesa so that things can sort themselves remotely bila wao kuonekana.

Nice one. But these comedians need to stick to their character / genre.

Terrence is the most versatile comedian in Kenya

This is so me. I narrated my story here a while back and the kunguru still insists she’s pgd with my kid and won’t abot, niliingia karura kitambo 3 weeks now don’t know what happened to her

Good to hear that but from that hekaya, you came across as someone who’s very retarded


:D, kuingia karura on such is not very advisable…she could be talking the truth

Tell her you must wait for the kid to be born so that you do a DNA test.
From there, you will agree on how many diapers you’ll be buying in a month. Yeye anunue vitu zingine.

I can not contribute to the eradication of my genetic specimen… Its has taken millions of years of natural selection for the ‘forestmonkey gene’ to reach perfection. Dem akitaka kutoa asi ni involve asipotaka kutoa singo matha pap!

Very good. Mimi Kuna mwenye aliwahi nitisha na hiyo upuzi ya mimba, nkamwambia haina shida, zaa mtoto tutafanya DNA.yeye ndiye aliingia karura badala ya Mimi. Madem wengi wanaogopa Sana story za DNA

Ndio maana anaitwa @Dwanzi


Mwingine aliniitisha 30k ati anataka kuanza prenatal care nilishangaa sana

Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. But why put her in such a situation if you are not willing to take responsibility? Si you use a condom

Buy those test kits from the chemist alafu umwambie akojolee hio kitu ukiona. Ata kabla ifike hapo utakuwa umejua if ako serious.

Next solution is hitting the forest immediately if you have no intentions of having anything serious with the woman.

Alianza maupuzi ya ooh aty mimba inasumbua sijui cravings za kudish kuku kila time iyo pesa ikanilemea nikaingia karura

You should have told her you’re only responsible to the child (if yours) and not her and her cravings.

Females have 67 methods of birth control men have 2 who should be at fault here. If a woman doesnt want to get pregnant it will never happen nothing like mistakes.

I highly suspect that child is mine but I want nothing to do with them, it wasn’t my plan to have a kid with her so I’ll assume they don’t exist

One tried to pull this on me. I purchased a pregnancy kit and asked her to retest in my presence…after a negative result she started saying that her periods were late probably due to hormonal imbalance. We parted ways.