Don't die with your dead, live


Did you know that when you cry for your dead, you cry for you and not them?

You cry because you “lost them”, because you don’t HAVE THEM by your side. You think it all ends in death. And you think they are NOT there anymore.

So if you’re dead no more, where are they?

Yes they have left, or they are now somewhere else, is that place better than this?

Yes, definitely that place is better than this; so Why do you suffer for their departure?

When you have finished accepting that they are no longer “NOT here”, but they are still in another place even better than this, for they’re where they are no longer sick, or suffering.

Then you’ll stop mourning them and you’ll get them back in memory so they keep accompanying you with the joy of all that you’ve lived.

If you truly loved them LOVE them AGAIN and this time with greater strength, with greater purity, with greater delivery.

Today, there will be no more reproach of any kind.

Only LOVE, will be the essence between you, between us, between them.

I respect your pain, and the way you express it. I know you cry and you will cry without comfort.

But … Today I say to you:
Don’t die with your dead.

Remember we are only seeing one side of the coin (death).

We are not looking the other way; we are not seeing the wonderful place of light where they stand.

What if we start seeing “death” as a Second Birth?

Second Birth we ALL will go through.

Don’t die with your dead, honor them by living your life as they would have wanted you to.

Let them transcend.

And you keep living.

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The fact that i didnt apply to be born sometimes makes me wonder what i did to deserve to be born in this goddamn earth


Sometimes I feel death is good to experience what’s next live live instead of listening to kina maackenzie or awuor the con artists. Those ghaseeeeers live the best lives before some are caught by they actions

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Me too bro, me too. This place is so interesting and oftentimes very resplendent, but again its chock full of misery, pain and suffering sometimes so overwhelming that for those who have no fortitude to endure they resort to quitting preemptively.