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I doubt such a project would take off in Kenya. Hyenas in real estate would not allow it knowing very well the most profitable sector in real estate is the peasant sector


They say it cost $10,000 to develop. Not to build. I have used 3D printers and they are not cheap. My guess is that it will cost just as much as a traditional build. The only advantage is that you can come up with more creative designs and more exact cuts to shape.

Look how young those architects/engineers are… Kenya engineer wanatambua ni mtu ako miaka fifty and above. Newly graduate engineers wanchoma mahindi ama mtura pale ngara but bado unaskia mtu akisema Ruto 2022…smh

Can’t see the light of the day

In other news building isn’t cheap generally. Unless you do it yourself, yaani uwe fundi and hire some hands to help.

my BRIEF friend wacha niku advise , 2022 Ruto anaingia ikulu asubuhi na mapema .

Sijui kama nikuguruka hata we unaguruka. You used to be fairly level-headed. Can you tell me who exactly would stop you from employing this technology on your plot to build peasant homes and sell them for whatever price?

Nimewambia mara mingi na nitaendelea - hii ujinga yenu ya ku-whine endlessly is downright stupid. It distracts from addressing the real issues, including corruption.

the people who liked your reply are mungikis and one chunishas u sukuma so i understand. U are a traitor ghasia takataka dereva wa mhindi

ni ngombe ya serikali saidia,ukiwa na hio 1000 000 uko na a standard 3bedroomed house

:D:D:D:D:D btw bibi amenipikia skuma wiki leo kuom uburudike , ghassia .

Bro, unajua mimi sikutukanangi, sindiyo? Yaani nakuheshimu, right? Lakini bro nimekwambia na nitakwambia tena; hii mambo ya mikundu ya wanaume wachana nayo bro. It’s a very unhealthy obsession…

During the nairobi show there were guys who jad put on display several model houses that had cost 600k, ie a bedsitter…but a very lovely one…i wouldnt mind actually living in one kama ni yako
That second house they claimed would cost around 2m if my memory serves me right

templa unakuwanga na kuma ?

As population increases we’ll need to build more highrises, if they can vertically scale their models, then this technology can surely replace modern building methods.

3D printing will be a major player worldwide. It’s cheaper & faster. It can fill many gaps for someone using it.

In their website
This one is being sold at 4.1M/=
3 bedroom 2 baths, 105 Sq Meters
It’s nice but I think it’s overpriced. Because if you factor in the cost of plot to build it on, ongezea 1.2M/= and that will bring it to 5.3M/= then you haven’t sorted out water source kama ni piping au borehole then sewage disposal. It means you have to part with a whole 7 million by the time you’re done. It’s much better than an apartment lakini jo

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A graduate engineer roasting maize for a living was never meant to be an engineer in the first place. Let them engineer maize —that’s their true calling. In fact, our bridges, electronics, buildings, whatnots, and our lives are probably safer that way.

So… you would rather be a tenant?

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