don't call me gay...this is for all men in this village

Whether he is sleeping on a mat or he is walking barefoot, whether he is hawking or washing cars, whether he is a being beaten by his babe like @gashwin, whether he earns his food by spreading his legs just like@Atwoli , or whether he is a 8-5 guy…just remember, a man still a man…heshimu mwanaume.I dedicate a song done by morgan heritage called a man is still a man…

Now where is the song?

whether osungu has escaped him like wonderfool

Hapo sijakubaliana

Aich…homo ni takataka.

A shinny eye will understand that statement if you can’t …sorry

Are you one of them? If not fuck off waingo.

Aiii hapo umesema @Atwoli sijakubaliana… Hapana bwana.

Let me phrase and @Wakanyama will help me .pure bloods don’t bite…but hybrids do. You should be one of victims having been bitten

Respect is earned.

or fought for… Watu wakipigana wanaheshimiana

Had a wife from your sides, hiyo nayo ni kuchorea.

You wrong

A man is a responsible man.
Na upuss kaa huu mtu huweka kwa general.

Wonderfool is one of those guys who you really have to work hard, only to not understand his message’s intent.