These people are full of shait…one month na item haijafika…another time following up on an order these fools no longer answer my calls and emails. Bure kabisa…am calling them to tell them to donate the item to the homeless…

Did you just purchase a pig style from them?

Good to know I’m not the only one. Bought a watch a whole ago but got a fake-ass Chinese knock-off that drew more pity than disgust from me.

I drove to their offices only to have to deal with a gum-chewing, smirking female dolt that thought I was going to ask her out, or something!


And it was delivered forty-something days later.

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With them just buy what is available locally (in their warehouse) and choose the option of paying upon delivery.Otherwise if you buy goods that need to be imported utaitana.

That is how companies collapse.

poor business ethics, now they will be restricted to only a single purchase per individual, no repeat purchases so they have no long term goals


I dont get u sir

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Wako na shida ya importation,They use another company that I will not name which has alot of issues. During their initial setup someone was to introduce me to them niwafanyie shipping but bei zao ni mbaya sana. To much work yet you get peanuts.
You did not hear this from me.


Hata mimi sielewi ni style gani maybe @introvert anajua


Hata jumia mtindo ni huo huo.


One of the suppliers of Jumia Ni villager hapa. alafu nauliseko, kilimall Ni short ya kimilili Kwa kina @ ango



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They delivered mine within 4 days.

Hizo nazijua.
It’s those meffi-enabled digital displays that run stills of stylish pigs.
Kwa hii round about ya Chemelil kuna mbili.


I waited 45-days, no delivery. Got it cancelled and a refund issued. Most obnoxious thing: customer care ni machines (or was at the time, never bothered to go back).

Fellow who called me had the audacity to offer me a voucher to purchase another item, nikamwambia sitaki. Lied that the item was out of stock yet at that very moment I was logged on to their website and it was still in stock.

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buy locally available stuff, otherwise utaitana

Why would you buy locally available stuff on Kilimall? Si uingie OLX utafute kitu unataka na ulipe mwenyewe akishaleta na italetwa HIO HIO siku.

Hio ni shida ya specific seller ama Jumia?

I was buying from jumia. Twas a simple phone. That was before they unified their websites into jumia market.