Don't buy anything from royal mabati factory.

Why not buy ready mabati from the hardware?

Kuna kitu inaitwa customized sizes. You only get such in a factory.

Niuzie Mercedes

Na vyenye waliniconvice juzi niwekelee odrder. Hii post imeingia right time. Acha ninunue kwa local hardware.

Jameni let’s promote our local hardwares ata wao wapate Unga.

We can buy cement, chuma etc.

Si mtu atembee tu ama ajipeleke industrial area

Mwanaume ni kutafuta pickup na kwenda straight to the hardware kununua materials. Hii ingine ni upussy ya slayqueens.

Eeh. Mkiwa hapa tu mkinyambiana uso na wakanyama wengine tu ni kujenga.

Halafu utaskia @sani akidanganya watu vile economy ni mbaya and only his uncle can rescue it with his phd in fishery and resource looting.

Lot of fakes out there.

Chunga wasikuuzie vitu zitaanza kufade after few months.
Tafuta beshte jeshi akununulie kutoka AFCO

Boss, maisha mabati zinakuwaga za kujengea kuku na vitu kama choo. Never do them on a house. They are the cheapest with a reason

Learnt the hard way, na bei wasn’t far off from MRM

Nimezitumia kujengea kuku na choo ocha. Maisha is very light and their galvanising is light too. MRM ziko sawa

It seems this is a problem that is very rampant with many companies operating in Kenya. Complete lack of professionalism and sometimes downright theft. My experience with Chloride Exide left me speechless. I returned a faulty battery to their Nyeri offices on the next day after purchase. Some excuse of a human being calling himself the branch manager told me they don’t replace their own shit! My 8.5k went just like that. I pray daily they go bankrupt and close down, those halfwits.

Hardware imetosha, i give money and go with my products

Am also interested with rejects for fencing somewhere

Mine was a smooth deal, twice


Hawa walikaushwa na KRA so they will not meet the demands from the customers… they receive cash but cannot deliver! It has been all over in the news and social media! You are the millionth complainant!