dont bother with child support there are guys willing to help


Fuck. Ati the weaker sex?

One of them is the legendary @byro

The castrated eunuch son of a whore @imei2012 can fit here perfectly

Gentlemen [ATTACH=full]342933[/ATTACH]


according to sources @imei2012 hutomba mama yake biological

ndio maana wazee wakiBukusu walifanya kikao wakaamua huyo mwehu anyofolewe:D

Ghaseer nyinyi

thread imekojolewa na upuss

Every day, nature proves to us that there is a bigger plan and picture than any one of us can ever fathom or contemplate even in our greatest epiphanies. Wacha wa kulea watoto wa wengine walee.

Eunuch @imei2012 ni kitombeo chake @poyoloko