Don't believe every tweet you see.




Tano terror. Jubilee has unlished a flood upon us because we complained about no rain.

Aki poleni

It’s the 90day logging ban doing it’s magic.

kuleni ujeuri wenu

kumi tena, laumu sonko hii sio kazi ya national govt

Hii ni Jubilee government development project. Jamaa ya bitumen road aje afafanue.

sray queens watatoka aje na pissa?

Uncle @uwesmake has offered the famous X6 and the two C class chase cars to pick up sray queens to undisclosed lokeshen kufukuza baridi.


Green emoji priss

Iyo heading yako @Mjuaji what does it have to do with the tweet attached? Ama ni mimi sielewi

Folks , as you fuss and complain, keep this in mind, NAIROBI USED TO BE A SWAMP!.

From time to time, nature will remind you if that fact and that Y’all shouldnt be here in the first place. Nature will win always.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]“… …The area Nairobi currently occupies was essentially uninhabited swamp until a supply depot of the Uganda Railway was built by the British in 1899 linking Mombasa to Uganda. The location of the camp was chosen due to its central position between Mombasa and Kampala. It was also chosen because its network of rivers could supply the camp with water and its elevation would make it cool enough for residential purposes for not only the thousands of Indian laborers who came to Kenya seeking to be employed to work on the railway line, but also for the British settlers. With such an apt location, it had soon grown big enough to become the railway’s headquarters.”

"… Nobody expected a city here. The naysayers said that no city without a waterfront - and in the middle of the Nyika and without minerals would rise to equal Cairo founded in 969, Johannesburg founded in 1886 or Cape Town in 1652.
Unfortunately, Nairobi did not have any of those advantages and it is today taken as a miracle city that emerged in the middle of Africa by simply becoming a railway town.
As the railway and the settler economy turned [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Nairobi to become its administrative hub, the traders who had followed the line to Uganda built a city on what was once described by railway engineer George Whitehouse as a "desolate, windswept swamp. " "

maldives is going under,nahawasumbui.Netherlands wako literaly chini ya woyes,sisi tuko thousands of square kilometers of dry land na bado tunashindwa na drainage.we have no excuse.its not like the water is seeping through the ground

Must have been a swamp bigger than Okavango. Mnapenda excuses sana.

you cannot compare two unlikes. okavango is a delta; nairobi an inland marsh.

Behold, a new English word.

Unleash your @Common Sense and dictionaries please.

Asande zaidi.

Fair enough. How big was this marsh and currently what part of Nairobi is that ?