Don't Be Shocked If The Woman You Live With Is Getting It Deep

Ok first things first, this idiot has just revealed publicly that he was having carnal knowledge of a minor. Secondly, why is he shocked that she was having sex yet he was too? No matter how much you trust her, always have it at the back of your mind that she’s human. See how she lies with a straight face at the beginning. I’ve seen this play out so many times, I’m not easily fooled by feigned innocence.

But huyu ndio alipewa stopper ya mwaka. Jana nilikuwa DEEP into it!

Lakini hii Dedan Kimathi University requires a road trip. I go see this infamous mess of theirs.


Finally for tonight. Huyu dem mimi siwezi mblame. Vijana, ukipewa turn yako changamka. Usipochangamka, wa turn ya next atachangamka tu.

Final thoughts, why is the size of a man’s member the go to insult for women?

The IQ levels of most talkers in this village are seriously low

And its reducing not increasing.

That channel has been featured on Ktalk over 20 times. It’s scripted shit.

Your name sounds like an Idiot

It takes a VERY ELITE actor to get micro-expressions right.
If these are acted scripts, then Hollywood should come scout elite level actors.

They use actors from Kenya Cultural Center. Which cheating man would let someone go over his phone with his main girl.

Entertainment ya low IQ bonobos.

Hao ni wale wakenya huskiza Patanisho, huona Selina, Zora, Inspekta Mwala na papa shirandula na kuattend luo and other tribal festivals. All low IQ indulgences.

huyo dem amevaa jumper ya red ako na KCC banae

[SIZE=1]nimeona thumpnail pekee[/SIZE]

mzee wa 42 years,bomb blast 1998 ilikupata ukiwa nairobi kwa uncle yako… unaonaje video ya wasee walizaliwa 2001?
2001 ukiwa kazi yako ya kwanza?mukaitwa lobby kwenye TV iko ndio muone twin towers zikianguka?

Is this the equivalent of the Jerry Springer show kenyan version? Is that beardless dreadlocked boy a midget ama dame ni murefu

Hata sijamaliza 2 minutes nikaskia brain cells zimeanza kukufa. Nani huona this sheet?

KCC is a very small community. And sio kwa ubaya, they are talented, but not talented enough to mimic micro-expressions. I don’t think you understand just how hard that is to do. Micro-expressions are involuntary. And a very small number of humans are able to immerse themselves in a role so wholesomely that they can mimic them convincingly. That’s why they are paid the mega contracts. KCC hata basic facial expressions they struggle with.

The fact that these people can never tell scripted and unscripted shit apart always awes me. Siku izi elders bana akili imedrop adi kwa magoti. That doesn’t hide the fact that you still watching low IQ stuff

Any raw footage that can help me see humans in their raw element I will watch. What I like most about this show, which I discovered just last week, is that I can see a lot of the thoughts I had about Kenyan women play out in real life. Kwanza the way these women deny when their infidelities are brought out is exactly how I’d predict them to react. I watch with a keen eye like am in a human behavioural class and I extract value. For me how to deal with women on the ground is a never ending class.

Mmeamua kutusumbua na hizi videos eh ? :smiley: