Don't be Fooled, Nobody has Resigned

Everybody here know the procedure to resign. An individual drafts a letter and gives it to HR. What we have seen with this lady is not anything close to resigning. Its called disappearing. The lady is ‘at large’. How can she be sent to do some official duty but instead change route and after reaching her destination gives a political statement? Did the idea to leave the job came when she was at the airport? No way. She had planned this disappearance for long. It started when she relocated her family to unknown place via TZ. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

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your point?

yes…your point!

she can drop a one-line email and its done

Ulitaka afanye hivi?[ATTACH=full]133153[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]133154[/ATTACH]

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Point I, considering the office she holds, there’s a procedure to be followed in resigning. At the moment, there’s no confirmation that she did it. So she’s still a commissioner, but one who has deserted her duties.

She can leave on her own volition. As much as she is bound by certain procedures to be followed, she chose to do it on her own terms, bearing in mind that she could explore other options such as relocation. She literally lifted a middle finger to the entire system

You guys are drunk on your own piss. Its sad. UoTP!!!

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your head is running wild again my dear we still have everything.

So now you are in her head to know about her intentions?