Don't ask for directions again

In mulembe these things are legal


This things happen everywhere. Even in the US. Kuna place kama hii Kayole

Where did you find this? Youtube or ?

Hapo ndipo deputy governor wa Kirinyaga alipatikana. Set up in a dingy place.

@Dzunza za hii mambo pia iko ingo kwetu…


This video was posted here a while back, ni YouTube channel ya msee fulani

Upuss. Fuckin’ snitches everywhere. Ghasiaa inadhani hatujui vile ya kutafuta Malaya wetu. Hata wakiwa corner gani hadi tutawapata tu. That’s what we do.

Who is this guy, he is so eoloquent

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Hii tuliona kitaaambo hata kabla @Demakuvu aanze kulisha mama yake jiggers na maziwa[/SIZE]

Looks like Kachmeka is one huge brothel…

@EATNER Eater leta hekaya za hii base banae

Oh memeries man!

Circa 2012.,
Fucked some young pussies hapo nikiwa sufferer. Kuna lots of Uganda pussy too.
I’m a luhya but huko unaweza pata some young ladies wakupeleke mbio sana sekete especially kama umebook a whole night na ka kum buyia ka quarter.

That big white guest house belonged to some guys who used to leave in amalemba…
The dad passed away in late 90s early 2000 and left them the guesthouse think walikua wacoast…
Immedeatly the eldest son moved into the guesthouse alikua anachota madame jam session mwalimu plaza anawaleta hapo…they also had some sister kitu…though dont know aliendanga wapi…
Walikua na gari ingine hapo…sijui datsun or something…
Good to see it’s still up hawakuikula yote

There was a guy here who wanted to create a similar YouTube channel. He can check this one That guy’stone though! :D:D:D

Zii, this guy just focussed on two streets in Jua Kali. Most of KK is tarmacked and neat, with 'good behavior people, after all it’s mashambani. I worked there for four years.
As others have mentioned, such sections exist in every town, even in ‘developed’ countries.

Jua kali utaibiwa… Very risky place that one

Haha, share your experiences brazza

hapo voi guest nilitesa sana

Kudos …

Excellent Presentation and Marketing techniques…

He should set up a dedicated YouTube Channel devoted to this subject matter …:D:D