Donna's African Toy Boy Neno's Not Co-operating....

Woman Claims Younger Husband Spends Too Much Time on TikTok: “Want Him to Pay Attention to Me” …:D:D:D

A 62-year-old white woman married to a 33-year-old African man has disclosed that she is unhappy in the relationship.

Donna’s source of unhappiness stems from the fact that since she helped the man named Neno move to America, he now spends all his time on TikTok…

When asked why he never gives his wife the attention she deserves, Neno says he spends time online keeping in touch with people back home.

Interestingly, her problems are not related to age, cultural differences, or language barrier, but because of TikTok. 396.2K

Neno is on TikTok 24/7 Donna complains that her man changed when he moved to America and started spending all his time on the app.

Neno is on TikTok 24/7. It drives me insane,” she told Dr Phil. The young man, however, says that he loves being on social media because it is the only way to remain relevant in this age.

Neno added that, as a musician, he uses social media to not only promote his music but also keep in contact with family and friends back home.

“It makes me angry. I want him to pay more attention to me, especially when we’re out to dinner or away on a romantic weekend,” continued Donna.

The unhappy woman also expressed disappointment at the fact that her boyfriend’s insatiable urge for TikTok has started influencing her teenage daughter

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