Donkeys Are Very Hardworking, Their Toil Is Enjoyed By The Owners, Africans Are No Different

Last week I made a mistake of referring to Africans as lazy, I have come to realize that they are very hardworking to an extent of being exported to work in the plantations.

Today they don’t work in plantations any more. They use their labor to develop Europe and North America while their sh!thole cesspit nations sink further into desperation.

Even though trans Atlantic slave ended eons ago negroes still toil in vain, all their hardwork benefits a few dons at the top of the food chain just like a donkey’s labor is beneficial to the peasant.

Punda hajasoma na hakosi kazi banae

Slavery never ended gathee. Today slaves are known as employees.

If you are a business owner with 20 employees, you have 20 slaves working to build your dream. The only thing that stopped was the brutality and the use of the word “slave”.

That was replaced with soft power a.k.a you better do what I want or your kids will starve, they will be kicked out of school, and your landlord will evict your family. That guy working in a mjengo site is not any different from a plantation worker in 18th century America.

@Punda njoo kiasi.

Unataka kazi ama pesa gathee. Punda hataki pesa.

Quit bitching negro!

Why do you keep pointing out weaknesses while offering no solutions or suggesting one?

Kama unachukia kuwa mnigga go bleach, get waxed and start using lip balm ukuwe kama @cortedivoire

I agree with you to some extent: everywhere you go, blacks are servants, they do what others have refused to do, mostly zero contract jobs, through agencies.

BUT, you are becoming like Nigerians, bitching their country while holed up in Europe and America, expecting the people they left behind to build the country for them to come back.

You must work when you are alive! If you are an employer you have employees not slaves. Hii ni post moja ya ujinga.

Africa does not need strong people it needs strong institutions…if Africans would be able to come up with startups which can compete with the likes of google,alibaba,amazon,facebook,tesla e.c.t Africa would develope in a matter of years.But go and ask what an African genius is thinking of- finishing university then work for other people instead of employing him/herself.

Lakini @Ndindu feelings unatoa wapi?:D:D:D Hii energy yote ya kudehumanize mwafrika unatoa wapi gathee?

First off Mimi pia ni negro. I speak the truth. Negro alinyimwa part of the brain responsible for PLANNING. This I have attributed to living in a continent located on the equator. No winter means no need to hoard food and other essentials, hence no planning.

Just look at how badly planned the urban centers are

Explain to me like a 5 year old how is a well-paid employee a slave?

And I’m not talking about low wage employees.

He is a slave because he works to build his employer’s dream. He is just a highly paid slave but a slave nonetheless. Slaves in ancient America also had hierarchies. That person gets orders from his boss (company owner) and is expected to meet specific KPIs to retain his position. The equivalent of the plantation is the business enterprise and he is working in someone else’s enterprise/plantation.

Ever heard the quote, “The things you think you own, end up owning you”?

Some employers take loans to pay employees.

Some employers risk everything to keep the business afloat and turn a profit. Sometimes those employers go bankrupt.

For example, if you have a start-up company with borrowed capital, most of the money will be used to pay employees for a few years before you turn a profit. It could easily south and you never recover the money.

Or an aspirant running for mp. That person will take huge loans to pay the campaigning team and if he loses the election, he will have accumulated debts up to his nose.

I have seen employers getting sued to their last cent because they breached a binding contract with employee by firing them with no reasonable cause.

And they are compensated accordingly for doing what 99% don’t have the balls to do. That’s why they are the 1% and employees are the 99%.


Some employees are also compensated accordingly.

If you’re good at what you do, it’s very difficult to go a few weeks without landing another job.
Somebody like Larry Madowo was fired from NTV, and in a few days, he landed another job at BBC.
And if he was fired from CNN today, I think he would land another well-paying job in a few days.

But what are the chances somebody like Larry Madowo would start his own media company that would become succesful like Nation Media, BBC or CNN?

Or if you’re a great footballer like Cristiano or Messi, would you start your own football club because getting employed is “slavery”?
What if you’re a pilot, would you start your own airline?
Or if you’re a neurosurgeon, you start your own hospital because getting employed is “slavery”? :D:D:D:D

I didn’t tell you to start anything. It is you who is going off on a tangent. Messi and the surgeon are slaves…rich slaves but slaves nonetheless. There can also be poor plantation owners e.g shop owners but plantation owners nonetheless. It is about money only, but also ownership of the plantation.

The definition of a modern slave is someone who works to build his/her bosses dream and is answerable to him/her. That definition does not include who makes what. It has less to do with money and more to do with structure. Also, even if you consider money exclusively, most 1%'ers are business owners, not employees. You can’t go picking a few high earners and try to make an argument with statistically insignificant data. For every high earning “slave” like a surgeon, there are thousands of peasant slaves.

Lastly, I know that there are situations where it is better to be a slave than to be a plantation owner e.g a surgeon will out-earn most small businesses. Those instances are few and far between.

So, who is better off between the slave and the plantation owner? It depends. Some slaves are better off than most plantation owners (surgeons, larry madowos, messis of this world, basically most high paying professions like aviation and law). Some plantation owners are better off than slaves e.g that Mhindi in Industrial Area with his army of 300 slaves.

Instead of arguing until the cows come home, you need to understand that at certain income levels, the line between slavery and plantation ownership is very thin.

No, the definition of a slave is somebody who is forced to work without proper remuneration or appreciation. A slave cannot quit.
A slave is a property of another person, just like a dog or a cow.

But if you’re an employee, you can quit if you don’t like it. A slave cannot do that.

The employee also has a dream to make money by getting a consistent paycheck.
If the boss doesn’t make a profit, that’s his or her problem; as long as you’re paid for the work done.

That is the archaic definition. I specifically stated the “modern day slave”.